Hello Happiness!

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden
27 Mai to 19 Nov 2023

In Cooperation with the Wellcome Collection, London


Kaleidoscope of (Hi)stories. Ukrainian Art 1912–2023

Albertinum Museum, Dresden

The Albertinum is dedicating a comprehensive survey exhibition to modern Ukrainian art. It is the first of its kind in Germany and Europe. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations, video works, graphic art and archives represent Ukrainian art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. In the process, some of the exhibited works travel outside the country for the first time and provide insights into Ukraine's eventful history as well as its constant struggle for its own self-image.

To promote art production, new works by artists Nikita Kadan, Kateryna Lysovenko, Lada Nakonechna and Masha Reva will be presented. Works by contemporary artists Yevgenia Belorusets, Sergey Bratkov, Katya Buchatska, David Chichkan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Dana Kavelina, Lesia Khomenko, Maria Kulikovska, Sasha Kurmaz, Lada Nakonechna, Yuri Leiderman, Boris Mikhailov, Mykola Ridnyi, Anna Zvyagintseva, Yarema Malashchuk & Roman Himey as well as many others are also on display. Historical positions are represented by Kateryna Bilokur, Alla Horska, Viktor Palmov, Oksana Pavlenko, Maria Prymachenko, Maria Siniakova, Fedir Tetianych, Tetiana Yablonska, Vasyl Yermilov. In dialogue, they show the continuity of culture and the sources of contemporary art in Ukraine since its beginnings from the avant-garde to the present day.


The Fog of War

Dom cultural Centre, Almaty





Асортиментна кімната, вул. Січових Стрільців 15, м. Івано-Франківськ

Нікіта Кадан
Роман Хімей і Ярема Малащук
Гаррі Краєвець (Neue Jüdische Kunst)
Тарас Прохасько
Назгуль Шукаєва
Юрій Іздрик
Юрій Бакай

Співкураторка: Альона Каравай
Продакшн: Антон Усанов


Artists in a Time of War

Castello di Rivoli museum, Turin
from March 15th until November 19th, 2023. Exhibition is curated by Carolyn Christov- Bakargiev and Marianna Vecellio.

'Artists in a Time of War' includes loans from important Italian and international public and private institutions, as well as two new commissions, created for the occasion by the Afghan artist Rahraw Omarzad (Kabul, 1964), and the Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan (Kiev, 1982). The exhibition features art of the past and present, including Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes’ Desastres de la Guerra (Disasters of War), 1810-1815, and develops the theme of war and post-traumatic subjectivity through historical works and new projects by leading contemporary artists. Featuring in the exhibition are also Pablo Picasso, Alberto Burri, Salvador Dali, Andre Masson, Yves Tanguy, Lee Miller, Zoran Mušič, Fabio Mauri, Anri Sala, Michael Rakowitz, Dinh Q. Lê, and Vu Giang Huong, among others. The itinerary of the exhibition is integrated by the presentation in the Museum Theater of a video program curated by the Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan with Giulia Colletti entitled 'A letter from the front'.

Skin and Shell
solo show by Nikita Kadan

Lewben Art Foundation, Vilnius
March 23 - April 7


Nikita Kadan and Mykola Ridny

Voloshyn gallery at ARCO 2023, Madrid


A poetic of resistance

Jerome Poggi gallery at ARCO 2023, Madrid

Babi Badalov, Anthony Goicolea, Nikita Kadan, Kapwani Kiwanga, Georges Tony Stoll, Troy Makaza, Sophie Ristelhueber, Sidival Fila


Regards sur la guerre

Performative lecture by Nikita Kadan

'Hors Pistes' festival. Centre Pompidou, Paris

21 Jan 2023


Nikita Kadan: The Pit Sings

Klaipeda Culture Communication Center

16.12.2022- 12.01.2023


Im Krieg/At War - Ukrainian items from the Military History Museum collection

'Cologne-Hostomel Sculpture' and 'Procedure Room' by Nikita Kadan are on display as a part of collection of MHM

Military History Museum, Dresden


The Pain of Others
8 Dec 2022 – 16 Apr 2023

DOX Art Centre, Prague

The project has been triggered by the unjustifiable Russian invasion of Ukraine and the unspeakable atrocities that have been happening over many months now. Yet, importantly, the exhibition’s main focus is not the war in Ukraine. Neither is it politics nor ideologies. The ambition is to address a universal human experience - our capacity to connect with other people’s pain and suffering through art.

Do Goya’s The Disasters of War, the terrible memento of Spain’s brutal, 19th-century struggle for independence speak to us in the same way as war images of 21st-century conflicts? Can art bring an insight that is different from the rational expertise of other approaches?

The exhibition will feature contemporary painting, photography, graphic art, videos, and installations by artists from different countries including Andreas Serrano, Christian Boltanski, Gerhard Richter, Nikita Kadan, and others. Relevant historical artworks will provide a wider perspective.

Exhibiting artists: Hans Peter Alvermann, Ali Arkady, Christian Boltanski, Dario Bosio, Wilhelm Brasse, Sergey Bratkov, Jacques Callot, Robert Capa, Stefano Carini, Maurizio Cattelan, Dagmar Demming, Otto Dix, Roger Fenton, Abel Gance, Francisco Goya, Stanley Greene, Gottfried Helnwein, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Bohuš Kubinský, Sasha Kurmaz, Kateryna Lysovenko, František Novák, Marsel Onysko, Claus Otto Paeffgen, Party Of The Dead, Gerhard Richter, Andres Serrano, Tim Shaw, Chaim Sokol, Bohdan Sokur, Lena Stroganova & Alina Dykhman, Alexander Tinei, Rosemarie Trockel, Nick Ut, Matvei Vaisberg, Jitka Válová, Vasilij Vasiljevič Vereščagin, Alina Yakubenko, Yōsuke Yamahata a Kamila Ženatá



Jerome Poggi gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach
1 – 3 Dec. 2022

For its fourth participation in Art Basel Miami Beach, Galerie Poggi has conceived a special project around a new body of works by the Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan.


Нікіта Кадан - Музей руху опору

3 листопада - 10 грудня 2022 року
Резиденція "Вибачте, номерів немає"
Double room, готель Інтурист-Закарпаття, Ужгород

Nikita Kadan: Victory Over the Sun

François Ghebaly, New York
OCT 26,2022 - NOV 30,2022

François Ghebaly New York presents Victory over the Sun by Nikita Kadan, the Ukrainian artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States.



From 29 September 2022
to 22 January 2023

Boghossian Foundation
Villa Empain, Brussels

Marina Abramovic, Saâdane Afif, Gordana Andjelic-Galic, Diane Arbus, Micha Bar-Am, Bruno Barbey, Nú Barreto, Pierre Bismuth, Alighiero Boetti, Marcel Broodthaers, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Daniel Buren, René Burri, Mircea Cantor, Léon Cogniet, Roger de La Fresnaye, Wim Delvoye, Edith Dekyndt, Gustave de Smet, Raoul Dufy, Mounir Fatmi, Michel François, Stuart Franklin, Gérard Fromanger, John Gerrard, Gilbert & George, David Hammons, Keith Haring, Childe Hassam, Thomas Hoepker, Jonathan Horowitz, Jasper Johns, Nikita Kadan, Evgueni Khaldeï, Kimsooja, Robert Longo, George Maciunias, Peter Marlow, Susan Meiselas, Jonathan Monk, Adolphe Mouilleron, Claes Oldenburg, Martin Parr, Peybak, Pablo Picasso, Sara Rahbar, Jean-Pierre Raynaud, Marc Riboud, Faith Ringgold, Joe Rosenthal, Yara Said, Franck Scurti, Thomas Schütte, Andres Serrano, Sturtevant, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Larry Towell, Danh Vo, Gustave Wappers, Andy Warhol.


Odnowa / Renewal
Biennale Zielona Góra 2022

Jan Bačynsjkyj / Yana Bachynska, Karolina Balcer, Gosia Bartosik, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Piotr Blajerski, Paweł Błęcki, Melanie Bonajo, Pamela Bożek, Karolina Breguła, Oksana Briukhovetska, Adelina Cimochowicz, Sławek Czajkowski „Zbiok”, Jagoda Dobecka, Wiktoria Dobrowolska, Monika Drożyńska, Olia Fedorova, Karolina Freino, Habima Fuchs, Joanna Fuczko, Michał Gątarek, Zuza Golińska, Justyna Górowska, Barbara Gryka, Magda Gryska, Oto Hudec, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Jarek Jeschke, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Agnieszka Kalinowska, Tamás Kaszás, Dana Kavelina, Kamila Kobierzyńska, Daniel Kotowski, Aleksandra Kubiak, Karolina Kubik, Dominika Kulczyńska, Diana Lelonek, Alicja Lewicka, Monika Pascoe Mikyšková, Lada Nakonechna, Iwona Ogrodzka & Kinga Bartniak, Rory Pilgrim, Marta Romankiv, Irmina Rusicka, Ala Savashevich, Jadwiga Sawicka, Anna Siekierska, Magdalena Starska & Agnieszka Grodzińska, Kuba Stępień, Gabriele Stötzer, Viktoriia Tofan, Patrycja Wilczek-Sterna & Iryna Zhyla, Liliana Zeic


The Fire and the Ashes. Nikita Kadan

October 7, 2022 - March 12, 2023
MSL museum, Lodz

The Fire and the Ashes is a solo exhibition by a contemporary Ukrainian artist Nikita Kadan. In addition to a selection of installations, photographs, drawings and sculptures from the last few years, we will see new works that directly address the war in Ukraine, which has been ongoing since 2014. Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź, with its iconic Neoplastic Room, will also become a space where the complex history of avant-garde art, which often transcends clear-cut national identities, will be revisited.

The title of the exhibition refers to the words of French socialist Jean Jaurès: 'Take from the altars of the past the fire - not the ashes...'. Nikita Kadan, in addition to the revolutionary energy of 'fire', is equally interested in the 'ashes of history' and how we critically work with the past.

In addition to the works of Nikita Kadan, the exhibition will feature works by the following artists from the collection of the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź: Theo van Doesburg, Jean Hélion, Bolesław Utkin, Henryk Stażewski, Władysław Strzemiński, Samuel Szczekacz, Magrit Reich-Sielska Marek Włodarski, Georges Vantongerloo.


Streams upstream | OSTRALE contemporary art exhibition

05.10.2022 – 13.11.2022 Kaunas Central Post Office

Curator: Patricija Gilytė
Architect: Sigita Kundrotaitė-Savickė
Curatorial team of the OSTRALE Biennale O21: Nataša Bodrožić, Ivana Meštrov, Patricija Gilytė, Krisztián Kukla, Andrea Hilger, Antka Hofmann.

Exhibiting artists: Gabrielė Gervickaitė, Zsolt Ferenczy, Volker Kreidler, Seçkin Aydin, Nikita Kadan, Firoz Mahmud, Predrag Pavić, Gabriele Engelhardt, Jana Richenbachová, Farid Rasulov, Goran Škofić, Ivan Milenković, Philipp A. Schäfer, Daina Vanagaitė-Belžakienė, Toni Meštrović, Daniel Chong, Bronė Sofija Gideikaitė, Eszter Szabó, Michael Grudziecki.


Politik im Freien Theater 2022

11 Festival

29.9. - 8.10.2022
Frankfurt am Main

Vom Kriege. Ukraine in Europa symposium

Bas Böttcher Vasyl Cherepanyn Nataliya Chermalyh Claudia Dathe Juri Durkot Daryna Gladun Ljuba Jakymchuk Nikita Kadan Daria Kaleniuk Aljona Karavaj Lubov Malikova Oxana Matiychuk Kateryna Mishchenko Katharina Raabe Oleksiy Radynsky Volodymyr Rafeenko Manfred Sapper Schamma Schahadat Olga Tokariuk Tanya Zakharchenko Serhij Zhadan


Museum in Motion

16 Sep 2022 - 8 Jan 2023
M HKA museum, Antwerp

With: Etel Adnan, Marcel Broodthaers, Lili Dujourie, Marlene Dumas, Jimmie Durham, Andrea Fraser, Yang Fudong, Shilpa Gupta, Dorothy Iannone, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Nikita Kadan, Yayoi Kusama, Taus Makhacheva, Gordon Matta-Clark, Hana Miletić, Laure Prouvost, Walter Swennen, Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys, Otobong Nkanga, Nicola L, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Allan Sekula, Nicolás Uriburu, Haegue Yang.


Stolen Sun
Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Alexandra Kadzevich, Open Group

organized by Lika Volk

Miguel Abreu Gallery, New York


What is depicted here?

15. SEP 2022 – 30. OCT 2022
Museum Folkwang, Essen

Katya Aliinyk, Eugen Arlov, Katya Buchatska, Ola Yeriemieieva, Daniil Galkin, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Lesia Khomenko, Yasia Khomenko, Sasha Kurmaz, Maria Leonenko, Yarema Malashchuk in collaboration with Roman Khimei, Oleksii Sai, Eugen Samborskyi, Oleksandr Surovtsov, and Leo Trotsenko.

Museum Folkwang is showcasing works by artists from the Ukrainian artist collective Asortymentna Kimnata (Assortment Room). What is depicted here? reflects on the current state of crisis in Ukraine and the living conditions that inevitably accompany it. Curated by Lesia Khomenko, the exhibition is accompanied by texts that were developed jointly by the collective and fill the entire exhibition space. Paintings, photographs, and video works by the individual artists round out the show, which is not only an artistic statement, but also a collective sign of resistance.


15. SEP 2022 – 30. OCT 2022

The Reconstruction of Ukraine
Ruination / Representation / Solidarity

A Symposium of Ideas and Strategies

9,10, 11 September 2022


Organised by
Center for Urban History, Lviv; Center for Urban Studies, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture; Re-Start Ukraine; University College London; Urban Forms Center, Kharkiv; Yale University, New Haven; Visual Culture Research Center, Kyiv



The workshop Practitheorizing Counterinstitutions is organized by IMAGINART in collaboration with lumbung members The Question of Funding and OFF-Biennale Budapest.

9.9.2022, 9.30 am-7.00 pm CEST
10.9.2022, 9.30 am-7.00 pm CEST

Location: WH22 AKA, Kassel

In this collective thought exercise, IMAGINART takes lumbung in the form it is practiced at documenta fifteen as a starting point for reflecting on how institutions are being re-imagined in different parts of the world. Practitheorizing Counterinstitutions invites speakers to alternate between the roles of storyteller, theoretician, and harvester and shift between modes of engagement. The workshop acknowledges that practice is produced and reflected upon at the same time, and that theory emerges from and exists in collective practice. By combining practice with theory and reframing the latter as compost to fertilize crops from which to harvest institutional imaginaries, IMAGINART seeks to create the conditions for re-thinking the (im-)possible institutions they want to inhabit.

Melani Budianta
Ilenia Caleo
Quinsy Gario
Paul Goodwin
Annie Jael Kwan
Lara Khaldi
Jeroen de Kloet
Wayne Modest
Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes
farid rakun (ruangrupa)
Ann Stoler
Deborah Thomas
Ming Tiampo
Nikita Kadan, Bogdana Kosmina, Alina Kleytman (Сира Нора/The Wet Hole collective)
Mi You

The screening of Ukrainian video works by Revkovsky/Rachinsky, R.E.P., Alina Kleytman, Vladislav Plisetsky and Nikolay Karabinovich organised by Dzherelo projectspace takes place during workshop.


When Faith Moves Mountains

PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv

When Faith Moves Mountains

143 days after the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion in Ukraine, the PinchukArtCentre (Kyiv, Ukraine) opens again on July 17th with When Faith Moves Mountains. The major group exhibition with over 45 artists, presented in partnership with, and thanks to M HKA and the Flemish Government will put the focus on Ukraine as a country open to the world and will celebrate its deep roots and relation to Europe.
The exhibition When Faith Moves Mountains brings together works chosen from M HKA/the collection of the Flemish Community, because of their emancipatory and empowering nature. More than 40 works from international artists are being lent. Even though the collection cannot be insured to any damages of war, M HKA and the Flemish Government chose to share resources and invest a significant part of their heritage into Ukraine. They are shown in dialogue with works by Ukrainian artists, many made during the war. The outcome is a space that invites us to feel, think and reflect beyond the immediate urgencies of war.
The scars of the First and Second World War are engraved in the Flemish landscape. A symbolic inclusion to the exhibition is therefore the work Flanders Fields (2000), by Berlinde De Bruyckere that references the First World War where Flanders was an essential battlefield. Then too, artists were sketching, writing poems, playing music while stationed in the trenches. It was a way not to lose touch of their humanity, a way to move beyond being an instrument of war.

From the M HKA collection, part of the Collection of the Flemish Community, there are works from Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin (Türkiye, 1957-2007), Francis Alÿs (Belgium, 1959), Babi Badalov (Azerbaijan, 1959), Jan Cox (Netherlands/Belgium, 1919-1980), Berlinde De Bruyckere (Belgium, 1964), Jan de Lauré (Belgium, 1978), Marlene Dumas (South Africa, 1953), Jan Fabre (Belgium, 1958), Sheela Gowda (India, 1957), Hiwa K (Irak, 1975), Barbara Kruger (United States, 1945), Mark Lewis (Canada, 1958), Kerry James Marshall (United States, 1955), Almagul Menlibayeva (Kazakhstan, 1969), Nastio Mosquito (Angola, 1981), Otobong Nkanga (Nigeria, 1974), ORLAN (France, 1947), Wilhelm Sasnal (Poland, 1972), Allan Sekula (United States, 1951-2013), Adrien Tirtiaux (Belgium, 1980) and Luc Tuymans (Belgium, 1958).

From Ukraine there are works from among others Oleksandr Burlaka (1982), Oksana Chepelyk (1961), Danylo Galkin (1985), Nikita Kadan (1982), Alevtina Kakhidze (1973), Lesia Khomenko (1980), Kinder Album, Vlada Ralko (1969), Oleksii Sai (1975), Andriy Sagaidakovsky (1957), Yevhen Samborsky (1984), Anna Zvyagintseva (1986) and the group of Yarema Malashchuk (1993) and Roman Khimei (1992).


Nikita Kadan & Jules De Bruycker: War Works

Parrotta Contemporary Art, Cologne Cologne | Bonn
JUL 08, 2022 - AUG 21, 2022


Робоча кімната

Галерея "Асортиментна кімната", Івано-Франківськ
Відкриття 4 червня о 18.00

Саша Курмаз, Катерина Алійник, Таїра Умарова, Ярослава Хоменко, Євген Арлов, Нікіта Кадан, Маша Леоненко, Євген Самборський, Лео Троценко, Ольга Єрємеєва, Ярема Малащук, Олександр Суровцов, Даніїл Галкін, Леся Хоменко, Жанна Кадирова, Олексій Сай та Катерина Бучацька


Radical Hope
Exhibition of the Białystok's Arsenal Gallery Collection II

National Gallery, Tbilisi
02 June 2022 – 12 June 2022

Curated by Monika Szewczyk.
Paweł Althamer (Poland), Babi Badalov (Azerbaijan/France), David Chichkan (Ukraine), Oskar Dawicki (Poland), Wojciech Doroszuk (Poland), Veaceslav Druta (Moldova), Pravdoliub Ivanov (Bulgaria), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine), Alina Kleytman (Ukraine), Zhanna Kadyrova (Ukraine), Tigran Kchachatryan (Armenia), Szymon Kobylarz (Poland), Katarzyna Kozyra (Poland), Diana Lelonek (Poland), Leszek Lewandowski (Poland), Zbigniew Libera (Poland), Piotr Łakomy (Poland), Slaven Tolj (Croatia), Małgorzata Niedzielko (Poland), Marina Naprushkina (Belarus), Wiktor Maruschenko (Ukraine), Witek Orski (Poland), Magdalena Łazarczyk (Poland), Vlada Ralko (Ukraine), Mykola Ridnyi (Ukraine), Robert Rumas (Poland), Jadwiga Sawicka (Poland), Małgorzata Mirga-Tas (Poland), Izabela Tarasewicz (Poland), Piotr Wysocki (Poland), Sergey Shabohin (Belarus/Poland), R.E.P. (Ukraine).

Personal Projects:
Hubert Czerepok (Poland)
Karolina Wiktor (Poland)



Warsaw, June 9-12, 2022

Feral is what was first changed by humans but is now beyond systems of control and escapes domestication. Ferity can be messy, unruly, the impure realm between the natural and artificial, between technology and imagination, science and art. Humans and nonhuman animals, ecologies, effects, processes, but also theories can be feral in this sense. Few outside of desolate circumstances will choose the feral state, which is often marked by violence, isolation and insecurity. Yet what is the current political, ecological and social situation if not desolate? For this edition of the New Alphabet School modern witches, artists, urban gardeners, storytellers and escapees explore these multidimensional spaces in lectures and workshops, inquiring how to address, create and use feral cartographies as liberating confusions. How can feral spirituality be practiced when connections to certain traditions have been lost? How can we address feral phenomena that cannot be grasped in established categories? Is it possible to feralize one’s thoughts?

Curated in cooperation with Agata Kowalewska and Jacob Eriksen.

With program contributions by (in order of appearance) Ania Nowak, Joanna Rajkowska, Nikita Kadan, Jack Halberstam, Zakole Wawerskie, Małgorzata Wosińska and The Permanent Provisory Antifascist Brygada in Warsaw, Chto Delat, AM Kanngieser, Paula Montecinos Oliva, Saleh KY AbuShamala and Rawand A Hilles, Greta Di Girolamo and Consuelo Terra, Aparecida Arguello, Ivy Ashleigh Da Gorriti, Liv Furka and Tomasz Szcepanek.

In co-production with Biennale Warszawa; Goethe-Institut Warschau and the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Warsaw.


Histories of Art, ­Identities and the War in Ukraine

Tuesday 31 May 2022, 9:00–18:00 CET
SMK – National Gallery of Denmark


War Diaries

Gallery Artbeat, 4710, E.A. Shared Space and Danarti Magazine, Window Project, Propaganda Network, Posta da Kona & LC Queisser, The Why Not Gallery, Patara Gallery, Jibu/Taso, Maudi, and Life N Style

28-30 May, Tbilisi

Thirteen commercial galleries and museums in the Georgian capital will hold the first Tbilisi Gallery Weekend with proceeds going to help the war effort in Ukraine. The collaborative project, titled War Diaries, will see each space present works by Ukrainian artists that have been made since the Russian invasion.


Imagine Ukraine – Art as a Critical Attitude

M HKA, Antwerp

With works by: Sergey Bratkov, Davyd Chychkan, Nikita Kadan, Nikolay Karabinovych and Alevtina Kakhidze; with a new mural drawing by Anna Scherbyna; and with videos of young Ukrainian artists: Yarema Malashchuk and Roman Himey, Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinsliy, Dana Kavelina, Nikolay Karabinovych, and Yana Bačynska.


Imagine Ukraine – Small and Big Stories

Bozar, Brussels

With works by: Sergey Bratkov, Nikita Kadan, Alevtina Kakhidze, Lesya Khomenko, Oksana Shachko and Anna Zvyagintseva


Imagine Ukraine – The Artist as a Witness

European Parliament, Brussels

With works by: Sergey Bratkov, Olexandr Burlaka, Nikita Kadan, Alevtina Kakhidze, Nikolay Karabinovych, Zhanna Kadyrova and Lesya Khomenko

The works are in the exhibitions complemented by texts by Sergii Plokhyi and Thomas Weihe, by video’s with contextual reflections by Timothy Snyder and by registrations of debates.


Artists at Risk (AR) at Frieze New York

Artists fleeing persecution and war and their fellows join Artists at Risk (AR)’s Virtual Viewing Room at Frieze New York from May 16 – 22, 2022


The Territories of Abstraction

Jerome Poggi gallery
03 May – 23 May. 2022


The Movable Circle

public sculpture by Nikita Kadan installed at Union square in Iasi during Romanian Creative Week




24. Mar 2022 25. Sep 2022

Castello di Rivoli, Turin
Museo d’Arte Contemporanea | Piazza Mafalda di Savoia
10098 Turin

Ed Atkins, Antigonna, Francis Bacon, Giacomo Balla, Rugile Barzdziukaite, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Bell, Gordon Bennett, Clarence Bicknell, Anna Boghiguian, Silvia Calderoni, Ilenia Caleo, Guglielmo Castelli, David Coulson, Irene Dionisio, Jean Dubuffet, Jimmie Durham, Bracha L. Ettinger, Vaiva Grainyte, George Grosz, Werner Herzog, Damien Hirst, Pierre Huyghe, Nikita Kadan, Vernon Ah Kee, William Kentridge, Grada Kilomba, Agnieszka Kurant, Lina Lapelyte, Fabio Mauri, Julie Mehretu, Gastone Novelli, Francis Offmann, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alberto Savinio, Dana Schutz, Marianna Simnett, Uyra Sodoma, Alice Visentin, Michael Joseph Winkelmann, Yang Fudong

Stefano Antonelli , Marcella Beccaria , Chiara Bertola , Sofia Biondi , Fabio Cafagna , Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev , Giulia Colletti , Federica Lamedica , Chiara Lupi , Gianluca Marziani , Anna Musini , Marianna Vecellio , Stefano Volpato


Jiá Fèng 夹缝

Troy House
London, 26/04/2022 - 30/06/2022

Javier González Pesce, Lei Yan, Nikita Kadan, Yui Inoue, Yuya Suzuki & Zhenhua Li

The Troy House Art Foundation annual project “Jiá Fèng 夹缝” will open to the public on the 25th of April, 2022. “Jiá Fèng 夹缝” is initiated by artist Yuan Gong, it is curated to respond to current socio-political crises and human conditions. “Jiá Fèng” means a very limited space - it is referring to people who are recreating a space to stay and survive in such a narrow room. People are looking for the loss during their displacement. When the freedom gradually disappears, where is the freedom of art? “Jiá Fèng” is like a society - a society that is losing its freedom. We are in the Jiá Fèng.

“Jiá Fèng 夹缝” is a dynamic project that engages discussions on topics such as geopolitics, war and refugees, politics and art, and so forth. The project will be open to the public, including exhibitions, screenings and open calls. “Jiá Fèng 夹缝” consists of three projects: the Points Art Residency Retrospective, Voices from Ukraine and an artist residency Open Call in 2022.



A Collateral Event of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia
April 23 - August 7, 2022

Scuola Grande della Misericordia, Sestiere Cannaregio, 3599, 3012, Venice, Italy

Across two chapters, the exhibition reasserts Ukraine's cultural resilience that has always defined itself, even in the most challenging times, through its ability to think and create critically. Artists refuse direct war narratives and instead reflect deeply on their meaning, origin, and impact.

The first chapter brings monumental and emotional works from three artists who continue to live and work in Ukraine during Russia's war in Ukraine. The newly created pieces from Yevgenia Belorusets (1980), Nikita Kadan (1982), and Lesia Khomenko (1980) use the poetics of object evidence and the voice of witness to reflect on the realities of the war they bear witness to. The artworks are shown in dialogue with Ukrainian historical masterpieces, including works from Maria Priymachenko (Ukraine, 1909), Tetyana Yablonska (Ukraine, 1917), and an icon believed to be from artist Stefan Medytsky (Ukraine, 17th century).

The second chapter presents Ukrainian artists alongside international artist friends, they overview a deep connection to the country whilst forming a common front against the war. Their works respond to the urgent need for the global community to rally around Ukraine. These include Marina Abramović (Serbia, 1946), Olafur Eliasson (Denmark, 1967), JR (France, 1983), Damien Hirst (UK, 1965), Boris Mikhailov (Ukraine, 1938), and Takashi Murakami (Japan, 1962).


POINTS of RESISTANCE IV: Skills for Peace

Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz, Berlin

8 April – 1 May 2022

nitiated by:


Andreas Blank – Jonas Burgert – Tony Cragg – Wojtek Doroszuk – Nezaket Ekici – FRANEK – Asta Gröting – Sven Helbig – Stefan Höller – Olaf Holzapfel – Huang Jia – Nikita Kadan – William Kentridge – Ola Kolehmainen – Via Lewandowsky – Bernd Lohaus – Sarah Loibl – Boris Mikhailov – Fiona Pardington – Angelika Platen – Gerhard Richter – Stefan Rinck – Arsen Savadov – Katharina Sieverding – Vadim Zakharov

Curated by:
Constanze Kleiner, Daniel Marzona, Rachel Rits-Volloch, Stephan von Wiese, in cooperation with David Elliott

Ukrainian Video Program curated by Kateryna Filyuk:
Piotr Armianovski – Fantastic Little Splash – Oksana Karpovych – Dana Kavelina – Yarema Malashuk & Roman Himey – Oleksiy Radynski – Mykola Ridnyi


String Figures

after the butcher
exhibition space for contemporary art & social issues


Opening: Friday, April 1, from 7pm

Exhibition: April 2 – May 15, 2022

Artists: Jamila Barakat, Mengna Tan, Eva Ďurovec und Nikita Kadan


A Letter from the Front – Лист з фронту

Haus der Kunst, Munich
23.3.22 — 4.4.22

The exhibition "A Letter from the Front" was originally commissioned and produced by Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, Rivoli-Turin, after the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The exhibition features 17 artists and collectives with 19 works, made over the past 15 years in Ukraine. It is curated by Nikita Kadan (Kyiv, *1982) with Giulia Colletti, organised at Haus der Kunst by Luisa Seipp.



15.3 – 31.3 2022
Moderna Museet, Stockholm

In collaboration with Castello di Rivoli in Turin, Moderna Museet presents 18 video works by 15 contemporary ukrainian artists and artist collectives. The artists are currently blocked in cities under siege or have managed to take refuge in the border areas or in neighboring countries.


A Letter From the Front

MARCH 10, 2022 FROM 01:00AM
MARCH 13, 2022 TO 07:00PM
Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea

Castello di Rivoli presents a selection of filmic works and moving images by contemporary artists from Ukraine titled A Letter From the Front, curated by artist Nikita Kadan (Kiev, 1982) with Giulia Colletti.

Ukrainian artists who participate in this event with their works are currently blocked in the cities under siege or have managed to take refuge in the border areas or in neighboring countries. They are mobilizing within or outside the borders of the war-torn country, measuring themselves against distances through their own bodies. Some of them were unable to recover their hard drives before leaving their homes and studios, and therefore this project can only deal with the ways in which artworks are saved in digital format on servers, clouds and web platforms.
Artists /
Yaroslav Futymsky, Katya Libkind, AntiGonna mit Nikita Kadan, Yarema Malashchuk & Roman Himey, R.E.P., Nikolay Karabinovych, Dana Kavelina, Daniil Revkovsky & Andriy Rachinsky, Oleksiy Sai, Alina Kleytman, Lada Nakonechna, Yuri Leiderman mit Andrey Silvestrov, Lesia Khomenkо, Mykola Ridny


The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things…

from the Art Collection Telekom

National Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria

14 December 2021–20 March 2022



Nikita Kadan
Human Tools

When: 22/11–10/12/2021 (Tue–Sun 12:00–7:00 p.m.)
Where: OSA Open Antifascist Studio in front of Galeria Labirynt, Lublin
Accessibility: The flag is located on the roof of the OSA kiosk in front of Galeria Labirynt building. The work is visible from the pavement.


Ревізіоністський синдром

Нікіта Кадан у співпраці з Юрієм Андруховичем, Валерією Полянсковою та Олександром Сушинським

Інша освіта/Асортиментна кімната/proto produkciia

Івано-Франківськ, Ратуша
4 грудня 2021


Dedication. Traces and Tactics

Konsthall Kristianstad
16 Oktober 2021 – 30 January 2022



Sidival Fila, Nikita Kadan, Kapwani Kiwanga

Group Show at FIAC 2021

Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris

October 2021


Das - Dingenen collection in CC Zwanenberg Heist-op-den-Berg

Luc Dondeyne, Bram Van Meervelde, Nikita Kadan, Joris Ghekiere, Arne Bastien, Wouter Feyaerts, Thomas Huber, Virginie Bailly, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Jenny Watson, Sergey Bratkov, Johan Creten, Veronika Pot, Tinka Pittoors and others.

02/10/2021 - 07/11/2021


Микита Кадан

Виставку складають чотири історії, кожна з яких розказана у діалозі з локаціями та артефактами Львівської галереї мистецтв. Ці експозиції-історії поєднує тема перетворення травми на зброю та майбутньої універсальної «останньої перемоги», яка належатиме не історичним тріумфаторам, але упослідженим і жертвам. Водночас, ці експозиції розглядають показану в музеї історію мистецтва як «історію ран».

Львівська національна галерея мистецтв імені Бориса Возницького

15 вересня - 17 жовтня 2021 р.

Інтервенція«Зауваження щодо архівів» (Каплиця Боїмів, площа Катедральна, 1)
Інтервенція «Стрибок тигра» та «Віконце» (Палац Потоцьких, вул. Коперника, 15)
Виставка «Скалічений міф» (Палац Лозинського, вул. Стефаника, 3)


The mumok Collection in Change

mumok, Vienna
June 19, 2021 to April 18, 2022

'Victory' and 'Limits of Responsibility' by Nikita Kadan exhibited as a part of mumok collection.

Participating artists:
Marina Abramović, Fareed Armaly, Arman, Anna Artaker, Joannis Avramidis, Evelyne Axell, ONA B., Francis Bacon, Jo Baer, Monika Baer, John Baldessari, Giacomo Balla, Yto Barrada, Gianfranco Baruchello, Willi Baumeister, Herbert Bayer, Rudolf Belling, Anna-Sophie Berger, Ştefan Bertalan, Renate Bertlmann, Joseph Beuys, Dara Birnbaum, Mladen Bizumic, Hannah Black, Karl Blossfeldt, Alighiero Boetti, Louise Bourgeois, Pavel Brăila, Constantin Brancusi, Geta Brătescu, Victor Brauner, Kaucyila Brooke, Günter Brus, Daniel Buren, Michael Buthe, André Cadere, Alexander Calder, Nina Canell, Ernst Caramelle, Mario Ceroli, César, Chto Delat, Leidy Churchman, Heinz Cibulka, William Nelson Copley, Radomir Damnjanović Damnjan, Destiny Deacon, Robert Delaunay, André Derain, Carola Dertnig, Gérard Deschamps, Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, DIE DAMEN (ONA B., Evelyne Egerer, Ingeborg Strobl, Birgit Jürgenssen), Mark Dion, Ines Doujak, Marcel Duchamp, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Evelyne Egerer, Max Ernst, VALIE EXPORT, Simone Fattal, Stano Filko, Dan Flavin, Constantin Flondor, Andrea Fraser, Virginia Fraser, Hamish Fulton, Seiichi Furuya, Heinz Gappmayr, Alberto Giacometti, Bruno Gironcoli, Tina Girouard, Domenico Gnoli, Roland Goeschl, Félix González-Torres, Julian Göthe, Walter Gramatté, Ion Grigorescu, Eva Grubinger, Maria Hahnenkamp, Julia Haller, Richard Hamilton, Carry Hauser, Haus-Rucker-Co (Günter Zamp Kelp, Laurids Ortner, Klaus Pinter), Tamás Hencze, Florence Henri, Bernhard Höke, Judith Hopf, Robert Indiana, Sanja Iveković, Tess Jaray, Joan Jonas, Donald Judd, Martha Jungwirth, Nikita Kadan, Allan Kaprow, Barbara Kapusta, Corita Kent (Sister Corita), Friedrich Kiesler, Konrad Klapheck, Paul Klee, Yves Klein, Erika Giovanna Klien, Pierre Klossowski, Jakob Lena Knebl, Jutta Koether, Kiki Kogelnik, Peter Kogler, Oskar Kokoschka, Stanislav Kolíbal, Július Koller, Roland Kollnitz, Kurt Kren, Dieter Krieg, Richard Kriesche, Elke Silvia Krystufek, Friedl Kubelka, Tetsumi Kudo, František Kupka, Yayoi Kusama, Robert Kushner, Rachel Lachowicz, Wifredo Lam, Maria Lassnig, Le Corbusier, Fernand Léger, Sonia Leimer, Anita Leisz, Zoe Leonard, Sharon Lockhart, Richard Long, Lee Lozano, Nino Malfatti, Piero Manzoni, Dorit Margreiter, Rashid Masharawi. Henri Matisse, Mario Merz, Joan Miró, László Moholy-Nagy, Piet Mondrian, Robert Morris, Ree Morton, Otto Muehl, Christian Philipp Müller, Ulrike Müller, Bruce Nauman, Otto Neurath, Hermann Nitsch, Kenneth Noland, Marzena Nowak, Oswald Oberhuber, Albert Oehlen, Yoko Ono, Amédée Ozenfant, Wolfgang Paalen, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik, Pakui Hardware (Neringa Černiauskaitė, Ugnius Gelguda), Gina Pane, Michael Part, A.R. Penck, Antoine Pevsner, Pablo Picasso, Tobias Pils, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Mathias Poledna, Sigmar Polke, Lisl Ponger, Janis Provisor, Florian Pumhösl, R.H. Quaytman, Liesl Raff, Arnulf Rainer, Christina Ramberg, Martial Raysse, Steve Reinke, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Germaine Richier, Hans Richter, James Rosenquist, Barbara Rossi, Gerhard Rühm, August Sander, Miriam Schapiro, Oskar Schlemmer, Toni Schmale, Ernst Schmidt jr., Carolee Schneemann, Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Zineb Sedira, Leon Polk Smith, Robert Smithson, Louis Soutter, Anne Speier, Mladen Stilinović, Ingeborg Strobl, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, The Atlas Group, Paul Thek, Walasse Ting, Jenni Tischer, Doru Tulcan, Cy Twombly, Ulay, Timm Ulrichs, Jiří Valoch, Hannsjörg Voth, Maja Vukoje, Kara Walker, Andy Warhol, Lois Weinberger, Franz West, Hannah Wilke, Christopher Williams, Christopher Wool, Fritz Wotruba, Siegfried Zaworka, Heimo Zobernig

Curated by
Manuela Ammer, Heike Eipeldauer, Rainer Fuchs, Naoko Kaltschmidt, Matthias Michalka


Aukcja Sztuki Refugees Welcome 2021

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

15 – 19 June 2021

Mirosław Bałka, Tomek Baran, Zuzanna Bartoszek, Karolina Bielawska, Agata Bogacka, Rafał Bujnowski, Izabela Chamczyk, Tatjana Dannenberg, Edward Dwurnik, Jarosław Fliciński, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Edi Hila, Karolina Jabłońska, Nikita Kadan, Ida Karkoszka, Tomek Kręcicki, Maja Krysiak, Agata Kubis, KwieKulik, Kamil Kukla, Agata Kus, Maria Loboda, Piotr Łakomy, Krzysztof Maniak, Małgorzata Mirga-Tas, Mikołaj Moskal, Jan Możdżyński, Paweł Olszczyński, Anna Orłowska, Agnieszka Polska, Janek Simon, Mikołaj Sobczak, Paulina Stasik, Zbigniew Rogalski, Joanna Woś


Ukraine. A different angle on neighbourhood

The International Cultural Centre in Krakow
September 16th, 2021 - January 16th, 2022

Taras Shevchenko, Józef Brandt, Jan Stanisławski, Leon Wyczółkowski, Ilya Repin, Georgy Narbut, Victor Palmov, Lev Kramarenko, Oleh Tistol, Vlodko Kostyrko, Vlada Ralko, Nikita Kadan, “Open Group” and others.

Curators: Dr. Oksana Barshynova (NAMU, Kyiv), Dr. Żanna Komar (ICC)


Сад після богів

21-22 серпня

Центр сучасного мистецтва Jump та сад на території Полтавської гравіметричної обсерваторії

Учасники та учасниці: Катерина Лисовенко, АнтiГонна, Лада Наконечна, Алiна Клейтман, Юрiй Лейдерман, Лео Троценко, Анатолiй Бєлов, Вова Воротньов, Влада Ралко, Юлiя Штраус, Ярослав Футимський, Лука Басов, Анастасiя Потьомкіна, Нiкiта Кадан, Катерина Туренко, Брам Ван Меервельде, Дана Кавелiна, Вiктор Бабенко та Льоля Єфремова. Куратори — Нікіта Кадан та Антон Усанов.


OSTRALE Biennale O21, Breathturn

01.07. – 03.10.2021

Robotron-Kantine, Dresden


Der Katalysator. Joseph Beuys and Democracy Today

2 Mai—29 August 2021
Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen

Marwa Arsanios, Yael Bartana, Joseph Beuys, John Bock, Zuzanna Czebatul, Karolina Jabłonska, Nikita Kadan, Honorata Martin, Henrike Naumann, Ahmet Öğüt, Marcel Odenbach, Mario Pfeifer, Tracey Rose, Christoph Schlingensief, Paul Sochacki, Alex Wissel & Jan Bonny und Yarema & Himey


Children Are Surrounded by Art

Nikita Kadan | Yevgen Nikiforov
22APR 2021- 20 JUN 2021

Transit Gallery, Mechelen


«Кожны дзень. Мистецтво. Солідарність. Спротив»

Мистецький Арсенал, Київ

Художниці і художники:
#дамаудобнаявбыту, eeefff, Slavs and Tatars, А.З.Ш., Раман Аксьонав, Таша Арлова, Явген Атцецкий, Руфіна Базлова, група «Бергамот», Анатолій Бєлов, Віка Біран і Ольга Ланєвська, Надя Бужан, Ігар Варкулевіч, Аляксандр Васюковіч, Вільний хор, Жанна Гладко, Жанна Грак, Уладзімір Грамовіч, Міхаіл Гулін, Алєна Давідовіч, Дзмітрій Дзмітриєв, Павєл Дарохін, Андрей Дурейка, Ілля Єрашевіч, Алєся Житкевіч, Барис Іванов, Нікіта Кадан, Сяргей Кажамякін, Аляксандр Камаров, Ніколай Карабінович, Сяргей Кірущанка, Захар Кудзін, Аляксей Кузьміч, група «Липовий цвіт», Вікторія Ломаско, Артьом Лоскутов, Аляксей Луньов, Юри Лядзян, Юлія Ляшкевіч і Юлія Галавіна, Сергій Майдуков, Ангеліна Мас, Віктор Меламєд, Віка Мітрічєнко, Ганна Мурайда, Марина Напрушкіна, Ульяна Невзорова, Ніколай Олєйніков і Аня Курбатова, Нік Осадчий, Уладзімір Пазняк, Васіліса Паляніна, Дан Пержовський, Працюй більше! Відпочивай більше!, Проблемний колектив, Алєсь Пушкін, Лєся Пчолка, Кароль Радзішевський, Ганна Редько, Ала Савашевіч, Дар'я Сазановiч, Анна Сакалова, Тамара Сакалова, Максім Саричєв, Надя Саяпіна, Маша Святагор, Антаніна Слабодчикава, Антон Снт, Оля Сосновська, Кароліс Страутнєкас, Канстанцін Сяляханав, Аляксей Талстов, Юрий Тареєв, Максім Тимінько, Раман Трацюк, Дар'я Трубліна, Хуткасмачна, Аляксей Церахав, Уладзімір Цеслєр, Ігар Цішин, Чесні люди, Мітя Чуріков, Сєргєй Шабохін, Яна Шостак, Ольга Шпарага, Юра Шуст, Алег Юшко, Явген

Плакати і прапори надані платформами
Cultprotest.me и Antibrainwash.net.
Музей Сцягоў Flags.dze.chat

Кураторська група: Алєксєй Борісьонок, Андрей Дурейка, Марина Напрушкіна, Антаніна Стєбур, Максім Тимінько, Сєргєй Шабохін


Камінь б'є камінь
персональна виставка Нікіти Кадана
27 лютого - 15 серпня 2021, PinchukArtCentre, Київ

Stone Hits Stone
Solo Exhibition by Nikita Kadan
February 27 to August 15, 2021 in the PinchukArtCentre, Kyiv


The Day of Blood
Solo show by Nikita Kadan

Jerome Poggi Gallery, Paris
08 Dec 2020 - 15 Jan 2021


Скалічений міф
персональна виставка Нікіти Кадана

кураторка - Джесіка Зихович

The Naked Room, Київ
27.01 - 07.03.2021

Фестиваль Бруно Шульца, Палац Мистецтв та Вілла Раймунда Яроша, Дрогобич

Mutilated Myth
Solo show by Nikita Kadan
Curated by Jessica Zychowich

The Naked Room, Kyiv
27 January - 07 March 2021

Bruno Schulz Festival. Palace of Arts and Raymund Yarosh Villa, Drohobych
15-26 November 2020



12 feb 2021 - 11 apr 2021

Transit Gallery, Mechelen

Arne Bastien, Daniël Bellon, Sergey Bratkov, Karel Breugelmans, Johan Creten, Luc Dondeyne, Wouter Feyaerts, Joris Ghekiere, Nikita Kadan, Yazan Khalili, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Allart Lakke, Jörg Madlener, Thomas Raat, Stijn Ruys, Robert Suermondt, Christophe Terlinden, Bram Van Meervelde, Jenny Watson


The Miraculous Draught of Fish - The Dialogue

Artists in dialogue with "The Miraculous Draught of Fish" by Peter Paul Rubens inside the Church of Our Lady Across the River Dyle in Mechelen

Virginie Bailly, Arne Bastien, Daniël Bellon, Karel Breugelmans, Johan Creten, Luc Dondeyne, Wouter Feyaerts, Moritz Götze, Nikita Kadan, Allart Lakke, Thomas Raat, Christophe Terlinden, Jan Van Imschoot, Herman Van Ingelgem

25 okt 2020 - 31 jan 2021
Transit Gallery - the Church of Our Lady Across the River Dyle, Mechelen


Sour Cherries

Arsenal Gallery, Białystok
18 September – 12 November 2020

Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvilli, Nairy Baghramian, Wojciech Bąkowski, Carla Black, Agata Bogacka, Kerstin Brätsch, Rafał Bujnowski, Marek Chlanda, Isabelle Cornaro, Andrzej Czarnacki, Wanda Czełkowska, Oskar Dawicki, Thea Djordjadze, Veaceslav Druta, Aleana Egan, Zofia Gramz, Ryszard Grzyb, Susanna Harwood Rubin, Piotr Janas, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Jarosław Kozakiewcz, Jarbas Lopez, Goshka Macuga, Jadwiga Maziarska, Małgorzata Niedzielko, Paulina Ołowska, Witek Orski, Włodzimierz Pawlak, Jacques Pierre, Erna Rosenstein, Teresa Rudowicz, Anri Sala, Jacek Sempoliński, Jan Smaga, Mikołaj Smoczyński, Mikołaj Sobczak, Monika Sosnowska, Irmina Staś, Iza Tarasewicz, Leon Tarasewicz, Armando Tudela, Waldemar Umiastowski, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Mark van Yetter.

Works from the Prokesz Family Collection and the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok Collection II

Curated by Ewa Tatar


Know Thy Neighbor

Stamba hotel (former GSSR publishing house), Tbilisi
September 30 – October 4, 2020

Alexander Anchabadze, Anastasia Akhvlediani, Sayali Bahar, Uta Bekaia, Olga Chernysheva, Andro Dadiani, Ioanna Tsulaia, Giorgi Grdzelishvili, Anna Jibladze, Nikita Kadan, Toma Tamara Kanashvili, Rita Khachaturian, Uladzimir Hramovich, Taus Makhacheva, Vladimir Miladinović, Nutsa Mikaberidze, Andrew North, lukasz Radziszewski, Guram Shavdia, Nvard Yerkanian, Giorgi Vardiashvili, W2kshop

Curated by Irena Popiashvili



21.08.2020 - 18.10.2020

Venue:Arsenal Gallery power station, Białystok
Artists:AntiGonna, A.R.Ch., Mirosław Bałka, Yevgenia Belorusets, Rafał Bujnowski, Hubert Czerepok, Anna Daučíková, Zhanna Gladko, Kote Jincharadze, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Aleksei Kazantsev, Alina Kleytman, Dana Kosmina, Tamar Nadiradze, Marina Naprushkina, Ara Petrosyan, Agnieszka Polska, Vlada Ralko, Guia Rigvava, Sergey Shabohin, Guram Tsibakhashvili, Alesia Zhitkevich, Natalia Vatsadze & Ekaterine Ketsbaia, Paweł Żukowski
Curators:Nikita Kadan, Sergey Shabohin, Monika Szewczyk, Eliza Urwanowicz-Rojecka, Natalia Vatsadze


In Vitro

M HKA Museum, Antwerp
5 Sep 2020 - 24 Jan 2021

Artists: Nel Aerts, Babi Badalov, Guy Bleus, Kasper Bosmans, Marlies De Clerck, Arpaïs Du Bois, Maika Garnica, Carlos Ginzburg, Paul Hendrikse, Nikita Kadan, Basim Magdy, Bart Prinsen, Laure Prouvost, Kelly Schacht, Charline Tyberghein, BEN Vautier, Eleanor Wright


Triennial "De Leur Temps 6" - 20th anniversary of ADIAF Collection

Collection Lambert in Avignon

14 Decmeber 2019 – 15 March 2020

A.C.M., Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Saâdane Afif, Jennifer Allora
& Guillermo Calzadilla, Dove Allouche, Ghada Amer, Giulia
Andreani, Pierre Ardouvin, Iván Argote, Kader Attia, Marcos Avila
Forero, Omar Ba, Clément Bagot, Gilles Balmet, Davide Balula,
Gilles Barbier, Yto Barrada, Éric Baudart, Éric Baudelaire, Oliver
Beer, Neïl Beloufa, Éva Bergera, Amélie Bertrand, Michel Blazy,
Pierrette Bloch, Katinka Bock, Pierre Yves Bohm, Emmanuelle
Bousquet, Benoît Broisat, Brusk, Damien Cabanes, Miriam Cahn,
Etienne Cail, Sophie Calle, Julien Carreyn, Valentin Carron, Claude
Closky, Clément Cogitore, Philippe Cognée, Nicolas Darrot, Gaël
Davrinche, Berlinde de Bruyckere, Philippe Decrauzat, Edith
Dekyndt, Hélène Delprat, Michael DeLucia, Raphaël Denis, Julien
des Monstiers, Angela Detanico & Rafael Lain, Daniel Dewar &
Grégory Gicquel, Mark Dion, Julien Discrit, David Douard, Charles
Dreyfus, Latifa Echakhch, Jan Fabre, Patrick Faigenbaum, Mounir
Fatmi, Nicolas Floc’h, Simon Fujiwara, Cyprien Gaillard, Ryan
Gander, Agnès Geoffray, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Antony
Gormley, Laurent Grasso, Jérôme Grivel, Dave Hardy, Thomas
Hirschhorn, David Horvitz, Pierre Huyghe, Fabrice Hyber, Ann
Veronica Janssens, Nikita Kadan, On Kawara, Bouchra Khalili,
Kapwani Kiwanga, Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, Evangelia
Kranioti, Sigalit Landau, Ange Leccia, Quentin Lefranc, Gabriel
Leger, Jonathan Loppin, Paul McCarthy & Benjamin Weissman,
Benoît Maire, Philippe Mayaux, Adrian Melis, Mathieu Mercier,
Théo Mercier, Annette Messager, Marianne Mispelaëre, Vera
Molnár, Jonathan Monk, François Morellet, Sofie Muller, Arash
Nassiri, Otobong Nkanga, Nøne Futbol Club, Prune Nourry, Roman
Ondák, Gyan Panchal, Stéphane Pencréac’h, Bruno Perramant,
Françoise Pétrovitch, Anne Pharel, Jaume Plensa, Anne et
Patrick Poirier, Julien Prévieux, Laure Prouvost, Enrique Ramírez,
Caroline Reveillaud, Evariste Richer, Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, Vivien
Roubaud, Axel Roy, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Lionel Sabatté, Anri
Sala, Pepo Salazar, Charles Sandison, Moussa Sarr, Louise Sartor,
Yann Sérandour, Chiharu Shiota, David Shrigley, Cally Spooner,
Georges Tony Stoll, Claire Tabouret, Pascale Marthine Tayou,
Stéphane Thidet, Barthélémy Toguo, Nicole Tran Ba Vang, Elmar
Trenkwalder, Tatiana Trouvé, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Marcel
Van Eeden, Danh Vo, Lawrence Weiner, Kehinde Wiley, Raphaël
Zarka, Chen Zhen, Jérôme Zonder.



Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich

08.11.2019 ‐ 04.10.2020


Hans Aichinger, Jan Albers, Monika Baer, Heike Kathi Barath, Vlassis Caniaris, Gregory Crewdson, Alex Da Corte, Nathalie Djurberg und Hans Berg, Drei Hamburger Frauen, Marlene Dumas, Elmgreen & Dragset, Tracey Emin, Gotthard Graubner, Wade Guyton, Thilo Jenssen, Nikita Kadan, Tadeusz Kantor, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Mike Kelley und Paul McCarthy, Jochen Klein, Rosa Loy, Rosilene Luduvico, Stephan Melzl, Olaf Metzel, Robert Morris, Miwa Ogasawara, Catherine Opie, Laura Owens, Beate Passow, Richard Prince, Bernhard Prinz, Alexandra Ranner, Wilhelm Sasnal, Markus Schinwald, Norbert Schwontkowski, Cindy Sherman, Sam Taylor Johnson, Rosemarie Trockel, Gillian Wearing, Amelie von Wulffen und Artur Zmijewski.

The exhibited works are from the holdings of the Bavarian State Painting Collections, the Goetz Collection, and other private collections.

The exhibition is supported by PIN. Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e. V.

Curators: Bernhart Schwenk and Nicola Graef


Upon Us All Equally


Anna Daučíková, Kitti Gosztola, Oto Hudec, Nikita Kadan, Franz Kapfer, Bence Pálinkás, Emília Rigová and Elske Rosenfeld

November 7–9, 2019

Sala Omnia
Str. Cristian Popișteanu 3, Bucharest


Never Again, Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st centuries

30 Aug - 17 Nov. 2019
Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw

“Never Again. Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st centuries” identifies iconic images and key aspects of the anti-fascist tradition throughout the above moments in history. We use images as a prism through which to portray the complexity of the anti-fascist stance and the variety of approaches to the problem: from political satire and testimonies of atrocities, to apocalyptic forecasts and visual propaganda, to more ambiguous abstract articulations of pro-democratic and anti-authoritarian content. We highlight the moments of self-reflection, the self-awareness of the entanglements of the anti-fascist movements, which are visible in seminal artworks, such as Guernica, or at moments of crisis, such as the “Arsenal” exhibition. We embrace studies on the history of images that accompanied the anti-fascist movements as a tool to understand today’s stances and activities that define themselves as egalitarian and pro-democratic. We look at works by contemporary artists, such as Hito Steyerl, Nikita Kadan and Wolfgang Tillmans, in search of evidence of the continuity of the anti-fascist tradition, we ask about its effectiveness in the face of such phenomena as the acceptance of hate speech, post-truth, the escalation of acts of violence, the return of aggressive nationalism and populism. At the same time, we discern the weaknesses of such “safety fuses” of peaceful order as liberal democracy and the European Union.

What images are able to affect the imagination, organise resistance, initiate constructive community projects? Is it the language of critical art? Are these strategies that deploy the iconography of popular culture, fashion, enter the mainstream? We also ask about the role of propaganda – as a manner in which the work affects the viewers’ emotions and attitudes, but also as a tool of civic pro-democratic mobilisation. We reconsider the very definition of fascism. Highlighting the differences between historical circumstances, aware of the deficits of the anti-fascist tradition, we seek contemporary, communicative and effective art that speaks against war, against fascism.

The exhibition presents works by such artists as – in the 1930s: Maja Berezowska, Alice Neel, Dora Maar, George Grosz, John Heartfield, Jonasz Stern, Leopold Lewicki, Sasza Blonder, Adam Marczyński, Bolesław Stawiński, Bronisław Wojciech Linke, Stanisław Osostowicz; – in the 1950s: Izaak Celnikier, Alina Szapocznikow, Jerzy Tchórzewski, Erna Rosenstein, Marek Oberländer, Jan Dziędziora, Jerzy Tchórzewski, Tadeusz Trepkowski, Waldemar Cwenarski, Wojciech Fangor, Andrzej Wróblewski, Xavier Guerrero; – today: Alice Creischer, Nikita Kadan, Forensic Architecture, Jonathan Horowitz, Goshka Macuga, Mario Lombardo, Mykola Ridnyi, Hito Steyerl, Martha Rosler, Raymond Pettibon, Wilhelm Sasnal, The Society of Friends of Maxwell Itoya and Wolfgang Tillmans.


Other Echoes Inhabit the Garden

Anna Witt
Nikita Kadan
Tamás Kaszás

Gallery Kisterem, Budapest

18 Sep – 31 Oct 2019

Address: Képíró utca 5., Budapest, Hungary


Nikita Kadan

Project of Ruins

Thursday, June 27, 2019 to Sunday, October 06, 2019

mumok (Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig), Vienna

In his exhibition, Nikita Kadan (born 1982 in Kiev) explores current social and political developments in Ukraine and their foundations in Soviet communism. In his installations, objects, and pictures he shows the extent to which the emancipatory side of the communist avant-garde has been repressed today, in the context of both military conflict with Russia and neoliberal profiteering. He illustrates this with reference to the present state’s approach to monuments from the communist period, which have been left to decay or been destroyed. Kadan advocates a more complex view of the past and its utopias, particularly looking at the biographies of two key figures in the Ukrainian-Soviet avant-garde: Vasyl Yermilov (1894–1968) and Ivan Kavaleridze (1887–1978).


Tale of Novorossiya

Nikita Kadan, Lada Nakonechna, Mykola Ridny

21 Jun - 01 Sep. 2019
Municipal Gallery Arsenal, Poznan


Their Past, Your Present, Our Future - HOTEL EUROPA

Babi Badalov, Bady Dalloul, Nikita Kadan

17 May - 31 May. 2019
Open Space of Experimental Art, Tbilisi


Listen To Us – Artistic Intelligence

Art works from the Art Collection Telekom at various exhibition venues in Plovdiv.

4 April - 30 June 2019
Opening 04.04.2019

Participating artists:
Nevin Aladağ, Anatoly Belov, Yane Calovski, Levan Chelidze, Danika Dakić, Braco Dimitrijević, Aleksandra Domanović, Petra Feriancova, Igor Grubić, Aneta Grzeszykowska, Nilbar Güreş, Vladimir Houdek, Hristina Ivanoska, Pravdoliub Ivanov, Sanja Iveković, Nikita Kadan, Mi Kafchin, Šejla Kameric, Lito Kattou, Luka Kedžo, Genti Korini, Eva Kot’atkova, Maria Kulikovska, Nino Kvrivishvili, Radenko Milak, Ciprian Mureşan, Lada Nakonechna, Vlad Nancă, Paulina Ołowska, Roman Ondák, Dan Perjovschi, Cristian Răduţă, Stepan Ryabchenko, Slavs & Tatars, Nedko Solakov, Mladen Stilinović, Martina Vacheva.

Invited artists: Luchezar Boyadjiev, Dimitar Genchev, Albena Mihaylova–Benji, Sasho Stoitzov, Krassimir Terziev.


The Influencing Machine

Nicodim Gallery Bucharest

Luchezar Boyadjiev, Nina Czegledy, Ole Dammegård, Aleksandra Domanović, Constant Dullaart, Harun Farocki, Jakup Ferri, Andrea Fraser, Adrian Ghenie, Ferenc Gróf, Naomi Hennig, Mi Kafchin, Jon McNaughton, Yerbossyn Meldibekov, Suzanne Meszoly, Mike Z Morrell, Ciprian Mureșan, Lucia Nimcova, Oksana Pasaiko, REP Group, Joanne Richardson, Șerban Savu, Keiko Sei, Sean Snyder, SOSka Group, János Sugár, Andrei Ujică, Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, Gulnara Kasmalieva & Muratbek Djumaliev

March 14 – April 27, 2019

Strada Băiculeşti, nr. 29


from the Collection of Galeria Labirynt

Artists: Mirosław Bałka, Wojciech Bąkowski, Włodzimierz Borowski, He Chengyao, Yael Frank, Katarzyna Kozyra, Maria Pinińska-Bereś, R.E.P., Mikołaj Smoczyński, Jan Świdziński, Mariusz Tarkawian

Galeria Labirynt, 5 Popiełuszki Street, Lublin

Exhibition on view 1.02-17.03.2019 (Tue-Sun, 12 a.m.-7 p.m.)


We are the people. Who are you?

Farley Aguilar | Zach Blas & Jemima Wyman | Jamal Cyrus | Funda Gül Özcan | Karl Haendel | Anna Jermolaewa | Nikita Kadan | Victoria Lomasko | Rachel Maclean | Emmanuel Van der Auwera

18 January - 9 March 2019
Edel Assanti Gallery, 74a Newman Street, London


Nikita Kadan

The Spectacle of Unorganized Masses

House of Arts, Usti nad Labem

Opening: Wednesday 12/12 2018 at 7 pm

13/12 2018 – 2/2 2019


Nikita Kadan, Anastasia Potemkina

The body of Attis will not decay

Laura Bulian gallery, Milan

opening 4 December, 2018 at 18.30
04.12.2018 — 01.03.2019

critical essay by Andrey Shental


Никита Кадан


Музей современного искусства Одессы

9 ноября - 16 декабря 2018


Ukraine: learning from a good neighbour

18.10.2018 - 18.11.2018

Institution Pasinger Fabrik GmbH, Мunich


The Border is a State of Mind

Gerome Poggi gallery at FIAC 2018

Babi Badalov, Eric Baudelaire, Bady Dalloul, Nikita Kadan, Kapwani Kiwanga, Sophie Ristelhueber, Société Réaliste

Gerome Poggi gallery - Grand Palais, Paris

13 Oct – 17 Nov. 2018



10th ed. Warsaw Under Construction festival
13 Oct - 11 Nov. 2018

Artists: Babi Badalov, Oksana Briukhovetska, Oleksandr Burlaka, Oleksiy Bykov, Davyd Chychkan, Phil Collins, Kseniya Hnylytska, Nikita Kadan, Taras Kamennoy, Gal Kirn & Fokus Grupa, Dana Kosmina, Marginal Act, Marina Naprushkina, Valentyna Petrova, Aleka Polis, Serhiy Popov and Mykola Ridnyi, Oliver Ressler, Santiago Sierra, Anna Sorokovaya, Hito Steyerl, Łukasz Surowiec in collaboration with Marta Romankiv & Oleksandra Ovsyannikova, TV Kryzys, Piotr Wysocki, Alina Yakubenko, Florian Yuriev, Artur Żmijewski.

Cepelia Pavillion, Warsaw


Observations on Archives

Asymetria Gallery

Opening: 21 September, 5-9 PM
The exhibition is open: 22-23 September, 12-7 PM
Address: Marszałkowska 34/50

During Warsaw Gallery Weekend


Middle Gate II – The Story of Dymphna

M HKA, the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp - Cultural centre de Werft, Geel

Municipal Academy for Visual Arts, Kollegestraat 11
Hospital Museum, Gasthuisstraat 1
Saint Dymphna Church, Sint-Dimpnaplein
De Halle, Markt 1


Divided We Stand, the 9th Busan Biennale


The Busan Biennale reveals the list of artists for its 2018 edition. The 65 participants from 34 countries were selected by Artistic Director Cristina Ricupero, Curator Jörg Heiser and Guest Curator Gahee Park, with the help of an advisory board including Jee-sook Beck, Youngwook Lee, Minouk Lim, and Manu D. Park, as well as further advice from Tarek Abou El Fetouh, Julia Grosse, and Yekhan Pinarligil.

Titled Divided We Stand, the theme of the 9th Busan Biennale is that of split territories as reflected in artists’ work from around the world. The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan and the former Bank of Korea in Busan. The two venues reflect the biennale’s theme: at the newly opened museum, the main focus is the Cold War era and its uncanny return in the present, while at the former Bank of Korea building, alternate futurist scenarios will unfold, looking at our current state of being through the lens of science fiction. The exhibition architecture for both venues has been designed by mnlp architects (Seoul/London).

The list of artists:
Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme (Cyprus/USA), Bani Abidi (Pakistan), Chantal Akerman (Belgium), Dora Longo Bahia (Brazil), Maja Bajevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Khaled Barakeh (Syria), Yael Bartana (Israel), Jean-Luc Blanc (France), Oscar Chan Yik Long (Hong Kong), Onejoon Che (South Korea), Mina Cheon (South Korea), Chin Cheng Te (Taiwan), Sunah Choi (South Korea), Phil Collins (UK), Christoph Dettmeier (Germany), Mauricio Dias & WalterRiedweg (Brazil/Switzherland), Smadar Dreyfus (Israel), Eva Grubinger (Austria), Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige (Lebanon), Ramin & Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian (Iran/Iran/USA), Flaka Haliti (Kosovo), Kiluanji Kia Henda (Angola), Andy Hope 1930 (Germany), Hsu Chia-Wei (Taiwan), Young Zoo Im (South Korea), Joo Hwang (South Korea), Yunsun Jung (South Korea), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine), Wanuri Kahiu (Kenya), Amar Kanwar (India), Hayoun Kwon (South Korea), Oliver Laric (Austria), Minwhee Lee & Yun Choi (South Korea), Gabriel Lester (Netherlands), Minouk Lim (South Korea), Laura Lima & Zé Carlos Garcia (Brazil), Lin + Lam (USA/Canada), Liu Ding (China), Marko Lulic (Austria), Fabian Marti (Switzerland), Augustin Maurs (France), Metahaven (Netherlands), Nástio Mosquito (Angola), Henrike Naumann (Germany), Marcel Odenbach (Germany), Melik Ohanian (France), Ferhat Ozgur (Turkey), Kelvin Kyung Kun Park (South Korea), Susan Philipsz (UK), Adrian Piper (USA), Min Jeong Seo (South Korea), Bruno Serralongue (France), Tayfun Serttas (Turkey), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Jan Svenungsson (Sweden), Tamura Yuichiro (Japan), Javier Téllez (Venezuela), The Propeller Group (Vietnam/Vietnam/USA), Suzanne Treister (UK), Lars von Trier (Denmark), Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (Lithuania), Jane and Louise Wilson (UK), Ming Wong (Singapore), Ulrich Wüst (Germany), Zhang Peili (China)


Nikita Kadan is on residence at Ujazdowski Castle Centre of Contemporary Art

August - October, 2018


Nikita Kadan
The Inhabitants of Colosseum

Performance, Klangskulptur
27. Juli 2018 um 20 Uhr
Colosseum, Steinerne Brücke, Regensburg

The Inhabitants of Colosseum
Installation, 2018
Städtische Galerie im Leeren Beutel, Regensburg


Yesterday, Today, Today

Kunstraum Buchberg
mumok (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien)

Martin Beck , Michael Beutler, Josef Dabernig, Nikita Kadan, Hanne Lippard, Ulrike Müller, Nicole Six / Paul Petritsch, Sofie Thorsen

Schloss Buchberg am Kamp
3571 Gars am Kamp

June 24, 2018 to July 22, 2018
Saturday and Sunday: 2 pm - 6 pm



Nikita Kadan, Anna Zvyagintseva
5. 6. 2018–29. 6. 2018

Tobačna 001 Cultural Centre, Lubljana

Production: Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana, Exhibition curator: Alenka GregoričArtists: Nikita Kadan, Anna Zvygintseva, Design: Ajdin Bašić, The exhibition was made possible by: City of Ljubljana


The presentation of work by Nikita Kadan in Švicarija Creative Centre, Ljubljana.

Švicarija Centre will present the artists who are currently part of 'artist in residency' programme in Ljubljana: Declan Clarke [Švicarija Creative Centre], Nikita Kadan & Anna Zvyagintseva [Kulturni center Tobačna 001]. The talks will be moderated by Alenka Gregoric & Miha Colner

Tuesday, 15 May at 5pm


What is Enlightenment?

Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

18.05 – 17.06.2018


Anna Boghiguian, Andrea Bowers, Vincenzo Brenna, Pablo Bronstein, Augustin Brunais, Jacques Callot, Olga Czernyszewa, Matthäus Deisch, Camille Henrot, William Hogarth, Ewa Juszkiewicz, Nikita Kadan, Johann Christian Kammsetzer, Tadeusz Kościuszko, Jakub Kubicki, Zbigniew Libera, Emanuel Listnau, Friedrich Anton August Lohrmann, Goshka Macuga, Domenico Merlini, Johann Heinrich Müntz, Anna Niesterowicz, Nomadic State (Karolina Mełnicka, Stach Szumski), Jean-Pierre Norblin de La Gourdaine, Ferdynand Pinck, Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Jean-Louis Prieur, Roee Rosen, Ephraim Schröger, Franciszek Smuglewicz, Mikołaj Sobczak, Józef Wall, Stanisław Zawadzki, Szymon Bogumił Zug


Nikita Kadan - Carte Blanche. Within 'De More Cry Sea' by Babi Badalov

Jerome Poggi gallery, Paris

26.04 - 27.05.18

Within its second half, the exhibition 'De More Cry Sea' will include an open invitation from Babi Badalov to fellow artist Nikita Kadan.

Nikita Kadan (Kiev, 1982) is part of the new generation of Ukrainian artists. He is invited by Babi Badalov and the curator Sasha Pevak to confront his work with Babi Badalov's show De More Cry Sea.


Nikita Kadan, Alicia Knock, Maja Ciric

The talk at Centre Pompidou as a part of 'Artistes&Curators' programme.

Paris, 25 April.


Виховні Акти

Виставковий простір SKLO у Національному педагогічному університеті ім. М.П.Драгоманова, Київ

Список учасництва: Альона Мамай, Анатолий Бєлов, Ані Зур, Валерія Зубатенко, Володимир Кузнецов, Вольт Агапеєв, Дана Кавєліна, Євгеній Казак, Євгенія Бєлорусець, Єкатерина Лісовенко, Лада Наконечна, Марія Куліковська, Максим Рачковський, Маша Проніна, Микита Кадан, Юлія Логачьова (Данілевська), Яна Бачинська.

Учасництво відеопрограми: Євгеній Казак, Ліза Смірнова, Марина Москальова, Микола Рідний, Яна Бачинська.

Кураторки виставки: Альона Мамай, Валерія Зубатенко

Автор плакату – Богдан Мороз.

Відкриття - 15 квітня.


Migration of Energies

Gandy gallery, Bratislava


Text in publication:Maja & Reuben Fowkes

Exhibition partners:
French Institute,Bratislava,
Goethe Institute, Bratislava

Opening: ‪Wednesday March 14, 2018


Nikita Kadan – The Possessed Can Witness in the Court
20 Jan - 29 Apr 2018

M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

Leuvenstraat 32
2000 Antwerp


Works from Central and Eastern European Artists from Art Collection Telekom
January 19–March 18, 2018

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Av. Dubrovnik 17
HR-10000 Zagreb


Difficulties of Profanation. War Museum Gardening

mumok cinema

Wednesday, December 06, 2017, 19:00

Béla Tarr, UTAZÁS AZ ALFÖLDÖN (Journey on the Plain), 1995, 35 min
Nikita Kadan: presentation and lecture including video footage of works by the R.E.P. group

Followed by a conversation between Nikita Kadan and Rainer Fuchs (mumok)

The mumok exhibition Natural Histories. Traces of the Political includes the work Limits of Responsibility (2014) by Nikita Kadan.


«Свято скасовано!»: виставка Київської бієнале 2017

20 та 25 жовтня в межах Київської бієнале 2017 – Київський інтернаціонал відбудеться відкриття двох майданчиків виставки «Свято скасовано!», створеної кураторським об'єднанням Худрада: в «тарілці» на м. Либідська (будівля Українського інституту науково-технічної та економічної інформації) і в Літературно-меморіальному музеї-квартирі П.Г. Тичини в Києві.

Festivities Are Cancelled!: an exhibition at the Kyiv Biennial 2017

On October 20 and 25, within the framework of The Kyiv International – Kyiv Biennial 2017 – will be the openings of the two platforms of the exhibition “Festivities Are Cancelled!” by the curatorial collective Hudrada: at the “UFO” at metro Lybidska (Ukrainian Institute of Scientific, Technical and Economic Information) and the Pavlo Tychyna Literary Memorial Museum in Kyiv.



within 51zero/festival 2017

October 27th – November 2nd

David Goldenberg, Dan Rees, Seth Price, Martinka Bobrikova and Oscar de Carmen, Sung Tieu, Nikita Kadan & Lada Nakonechna, Li Binyuan, Nicola Baxter, Rose Sizer, Doug McMahon, Sarah Clervall & Coline Caussade, Ben Barton, Stephanie Parr, Hannah Plant, Sharmaine Kwan, Sophie Dixon, Georgina Wilcox, Maeve Buckenham, Vito Acconci, First Acts short films programme.

Guildhall Museum, Court Hall


Resisting Images
How to resist, with and against, images?

within Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie 2017

With works by: Forensic Architecture, Richard Frater, LaToya Ruby Frazier, John Heartfield, Nikita Kadan, Merle Kröger & Philip Scheffner, Fred Lonidier, Naeem Mohaiemen, Willem de Rooij, belit sağ, D. H. Saur, Mark Soo, Klaus Staeck, Oraib Toukan

Heidelberger Kunstverein
Hauptstraße 97
D-69117 Heidelberg


Natural Histories. Traces of the Political

mumok | museum moderner kunst stiftung ludwig wien

Jonathas de Andrade, Mirosław Bałka, Heimrad Bäcker, Anca Benera & Arnold Estefan, Joseph Beuys, Marcel Broodthaers, Matthew Buckingham, Mark Dion, Stan Douglas, Andrea Geyer, Ion Grigorescu, Hans Haacke, Candida Höfer, Sanja Iveković, Alfredo Jaar, Sven Johne, Nikita Kadan, Tatiana Lecomte, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Isa Melsheimer, Mario Merz, Christian Philipp Müller, OHO Gruppe, Hélio Oiticica, Anri Sala, Sigma Gruppe, Margherita Spiluttini, Ingeborg Strobl, Sandra Vitaljić, Lois Weinberger, Christopher Williams

September 23, 2017 to Sunday, January 14, 2018


It Won’t Be Long Now, Comrades!

14 sep – 12 nov 2017

Željka Blakšić aka Gita Blak, Irina Bucan, Gluklya / Natalia Pershina-Yakimanskaya, Nikita Kadan, Tigran Khachatryan, Andreja Kulunčić, Marge Monko, Nikolay Oleynikov, Agnieszka Piksa, Karol Radziszewski, Mykola Ridnyi, Tereza Stejskalová and Zbyněk Baladrán

Framer Framed
IJpromenade 2
1031 KT, Amsterdam



07 Sept. — 15 Oct. 2017

Artists: Pawel Althamer (PL), Anna Baumgart (PL), Enrico Floriddia (IT), Eric Giraudet de Boudemange (FR), Laura Gozlan (FR), Nikita Kadan (UKR), Zhanna Kadyrova (UKR), Marwan Moujaes (LB), Artur Zmijewski (PL).

Commissariat : Malgorzata Grygielewicz et Ann Stouvenel

1 Rue Charles Garnier, Paris


Нікіта Кадан


Основою виставки є роботи Нікіти Кадана, які складаються з трьох серій: "Хроніки", "Погром" та "Національний ландшафт". Через мистецьке опрацювання фотографій жертв найстрашніших масових злочинів ХХ століття, автор звертається до теми насилля і ставить питання про небезпеки заідеологізування і маніпулювання, витіснення "незручної історії" та наслідків "конкуренцій пам’ятей". Особливістю виставки є залучення дослідників, насамперед істориків, але теж представників таких дисциплін, як філософія, антропологія, психіатрія, література, право, візуальні студії. Це автори та авторки з України, США, Польщі, Великобританії, Німеччини та Нідерландів, які працюють з джерельними матеріалами та беруть участь у сучасних дискусіях про ці теми.

Автори текстів: Омер Бартов (Браунський Університет, США), Карел Беркгоф (Інститут дослідження війни, Голокосту та геноцидів в Амстердамі, Нідерланди), Кейт Браун (Університет Меріленду, США), Ганс Ульріх Гумбрехт (Стенфордський університет, США), Ян Томаш Ґросс (Прінстонський університет, США), Джессіка Зиховіч (Університет Мічигану, США / Києво-Могилянська Академія, Україна), Роман Кечур (Львівський медичний університет, Україна), Крістоф Мік (Уорвікський університет, Великобританія), Михайло Мінаков (Києво-Могилянська Академія, Україна), Ґжеґож Мотика (Польська академія наук, Польща), Олена Петренко (Рурський університет, Німеччина), Мартін Поллак (письменник, Австрія), Юрій Радченко (Центр дослідження міжетнічних відносин Східної Європи, Україна), Філіп Сендс (Лондонський університет, Великобританія), Кай Штруве (Університет Мартіна Лютера, Німеччина), Яніна Струк (письменниця та фотограф, Великобританія), Адрій Усач (історик, Україна), Джейсон Франціско (Університет Еморі, США), Артем Харченко (Центр дослідження міжетнічних відносин Східної Європи, Україна), Джон-Пол Химка (Університет Альберти, США), Марсі Шор (Єльський університет, США).

Центр міської історії Центрально-Східної Європи

З 7 вересня по 26 листопада 2017 р.

вул. акад. Богомольця, 6, Львів


Attention! Border

31.08.2017 — 22.10.2017

The opening of the exhibition:

August 31 st, 2017, 7 pm, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, 5 Popiełuszki street, the exhibition will be open till October, 22nd, 2017

September 2nd, 2017, 6.30 pm, Galeria Arsenał elektrownia, Białystok, 13 Elektryczna street, the exhibition will be open till October, 13th, 2017

September 3rd, 2017, 12.00 pm, discussion: Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, 2 Mickiewicza street


5th Odessa biennale of contemporary art

The Museum of Odessa Modern Art
August 26 till September 30, 2017

5-я Одесская биеннале
современного искусства

Музей Современного Искусства Одессы
26 Августа — 30 сентября, 2017


A Romance with Revolution

Petr Belyi (RU)
Lene Berg (NO)
DAI Hua (CN)
Chto Delat (RU)
Yevgeniy Fiks (RU/US)
Gluklya (RU)
Nermine Hammam (EG)
Norbert W. Hinterberger (AT)
Francis Hunger (DE)
Anna Jermolaewa (RU/AT)
Nikita Kadan (UA)
Natasha Kraevskaya (RU)
Victoria Lomasko (RU)
Yerbossyn Meldibekov (KZ)
Ivan Moudov (BG)
Dan Perjovschi (RO)
Fabian Reimann (DE)
Luise Schröder (DE)

Anastasia Patsey

ACC Galerie Weimar, Pushkinskaya-10, Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.Petersburg

ACC Galerie Weimar
31 | 08 | 2017
03 | 09 | 2017


Parlament der Pflanzen (Parliament of plants)

29 Jun – 30 Jul 2017

Maria Thereza Alves, Vajiko Chachkhiani, Phil Collins, Paul-Armand Gette, Nikita Kadan, Helen Mayer Harrison und Newton Harrison, Gert Robijns, Andreas Siekmann

Oranienstr. 161
10969 Berlin


Еденія: У місті майбутнього


8 червня – 9 липня 2017

Куратори: Лариса Бабій (Україна / США) та Євгеній Фікс (США / Росія).

Іфеома Аняеджі (Нігерія)
Бабі Бадалов (Франція / Азербайджан)
Тетяна Григоренко (США / Франція)
Ікатеріні Ґеґісян (Великобританія / Греція)
Саша Дедос (Україна)
Руфь Дженрбекова і Марія Вільковіська (Казахстан)
Микита Кадан (Україна)
Капані Кіуанґа (Франція / Канада)
Колектив Конкретних Дат (Україна)
Куранді Кац (Італія / Канада)
Юрій Лейдерман (Україна / Німеччина)
Микола Рідний (Україна)
Хаїм Сокол (Росія / Ізраїль)
Аґнес Турнауер (Франція)
Архітектор експозиції: Іван Мельничук (Україна)
Видавничий партнер: ШТАБ (Школа творчої актуализації майбутнього)

Харків, Площа Свободи 4


Historia o historii/A Story about Certain Histories

01.05.2017— 28.05.2017

Oleksandr Burlaka, Hubert Czerepok, Szuper Gallery, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Volodymyr Kostyrko, Lada Nakonechna, Andriy Raczynskyi i Daniil Revkovskyi, Anastasiia Rudnieva, Natasha Shevchenko, Kostyantyn Smolyaninov, Ewa Zarzycka

Curator: Yaroslav Futymskyi

Galeria Labirynt | Plaza, 13 Lipowa Street (the Ofiar Katynia Street entrance)



26 APRIL — 24 JUNE 2017

GRAD, in collaboration with waterside contemporary, is proud to present Postponed Futures, an exhibition that offers an alternative perspective on early twentieth century Ukrainian avantgarde practices through the lens of contemporary Ukrainian art. Curated by Kiev-based artist Nikita Kadan, the exhibition includes historical works by twentieth century masters Oleksandr Bohomazov, Vasyl Ermilov, Maria Synyakova and Oleksandr Khvostenko-Khvostov, alongside collages by Lada Nakonechna, a film by Mykola Ridnyi and a sculpture by Nikita Kadan, inspired by ‘Monument to three Revolutions’ by Vasyl Ermilov

3-4a Little Portland Street London W1W 7JB


Музей міста Світлоград

З 17 лютого до 31 березня у Лисичанському краєзнавчому музеї (пр. Перемоги, 94).

Куратори: мистецька ініціатива ДЕ НЕ ДЕ.


DisOrder, Enjoy, Віталій Атанасов, Михайло Алєксєєнко, Дана Брєжнєва, Володимир Воротньов, Ксенія Гнилицька, Ольга Гончар, Саша Долгий, Олександр Єльцин, Анастасія Живкова, Люся Зоря, Микита Кадан, Макс Лижов, Леонід Марущак, Євгенія Моляр, Сергій Попов, Олексій Радинський, Андрій Рачинський, Даниїл Ревковський, Микола Рідний, Антон Смирнов, Анатолій Татаренко,Олександр Телюк, Лео Троценко, Аліна Якубенко


Hold me down

Nikita Kadan, Anetta Mona Chişa & Lucia Tkáčová, Marinella Senatore, anonymous, Kamen Stoyanov, Mounira Al Solh, Oreet Ashery, Iván Argote, Nick Hornby, Núria Güell, Nicoline van Harskamp, Marianna Christofides

Private view Thursday, 26 January, 6-8pm

waterside contemporary
2 Clunbury Str
London N1 6TT


Revolutionary Futures: After Khlebnikov

26 January 2017 | 7.30pm | King's College London King's Building (Room K0.18), Strand, London, WC2R 2LS

Dash Arts, The Russia Institute at King's College London, and Pushkin House bring together Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian and British artists and academics to explore the writings of the utopianist horticulturalist mathematician and poet Velimir Khlebnikov in the centennial year of the Russian revolutions. Join us for a discussion with artists Nikita Kadan and Iced Architects, Emeritus Professor of Russian and Georgian at the University of London Donald Rayfield and Dash Arts artistic director Josephine Burton, to explore Klebnikov's writings.


Dash Café: Ukraine - An Artist’s View

Olesya Zdorovetska, Nikita Kadan, Marina Pesenti, Natalia Vorozhbit.

25 January 2017| 7.30pm | Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA



Zachęta – Narodowa Galeria Sztuki
05.12.2016 – 01.01.2017

artyści: Tymek Borowski, Vesna Bukovec, Wojtek Doroszuk, Edward Dwurnik, Wojciech Gilewicz, Ryszard Grzyb, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Anna Jermolaewa, Nikita Kadan, Tigran Khachatryan, Cezary Koczwarski, Paweł Kowalewski, Edward Krasiński, Luxus (Ewa Giepielewska, Bożena Grzyb-Jarodzka, Małgorzata Plata, Yola Ponton, Paweł Jarodzki, Stanisław Sielicki, Piotr Gusta, Artur Gołacki, Jerzy Kosałka, Zbigniew Libera), Marcin Maciejowski, Magisters (Hubert Czerepok, Zbigniew Rogalski), Jarosław Modzelewski, Witek Orski, Włodzimierz Pawlak, Karol Radziszewski, R.E.P. (Kseniya Gnylytska, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Olesia Khomenko, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechna), Adam Rzepecki, Anna Senkara, Iza Tarasewicz, Andrzej Tobis, Ryszard Woźniak, Julita Wójcik, Monika Zawadzki
kuratorzy: Monika Szewczyk, Hanna Wróblewska, Robert Rumas


У Темряву

24.11.2016 - 15.01.2017
24 листопада о 19 в галереї Vozdvizhenka Arts House відкрилась виставка «У темряву». Куратори виставки – Худрада.

Учасники: Петро Армяновський, Катерина Бадянова, Петро Владіміров,
Леонід Войцехов, Ксенія Гнилицька, Маріанна Голембйовська, Назар Гончар, Леся Заяць, Олександр Іванцов, Євгеній Казак, Колектив Конкретних Дат, Колгосп імені Дженезіса Пі-Орріджа, Володимир Костирко, Олександр Курмаз, Юрій Лейдерман, Лада Наконечна, Анастасія Омелич, Аліса Омельченко, Максим Рачковський, група Р.Е.П., Петро Ряска, Антон Саєнко, Андрій Сильвестров, Федір Тетянич, Фонд Мазоха, Леся Хоменко, Вадим Храбров, Ігор Чацкін, Давід Чічкан.


Микита Кадан
Повторення забування

16.11.2016 – 12.12.2016
Арт-центр Я Галерея, Київ


"Процедурна кімната" у колекції Національного Художнього Музею України

Український колекціонер та меценат Юрій Когутяк придбав у Щербенко Арт Центру роботу "Процедурна кімната" Нікіти Кадана - щоб передати її до постійної колекції НХМУ. 23 вересня 2016 року "Процедурну кімнату" буде презентовано в просторі Національного Художнього Музею України за участю дарувальника, художника, куратора ЩАЦ Марини Щербенко та представників команди НХМУ.


From the Shores of the Black Sea

16-30.09, 2016
Tbilisi, 8 Sioni Str Tbilisi History Museum

Nikita Kadan, Iced Architects: Ilya Voznesensky and Alexey Kononenko, Nezaket Ekici, Sebastian Moldovan, Mariana Vassileva.


SCULPTURE QUADRENNIAL RIGA 2016: Conservatism and Liberalism

Markus Kåhre (Finland), Kaarina Kaikkonen (Finland), Signe Johannessen (Sweden), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine), Jaanus Samma (Estonia), Terje Ojaver (Estonia), Johannes Säre (Estonia), Juozas Laivys (Lithuania), Žilvinas Landzbergas (Lithuania), Olaf Brzeski (Poland), Camille Goujon (France), Kaspar Müller (Switzerland), Hanna Stahle (Sweden), Ronny Faber Dahl (Norway), Jacob Jessen (Denmark) among others.


Nikita Kadan: Above the pedestal the air condenses in a dark cloud

7. 9. 2016 - 30. 9. 2016
Galerija ŠKUC, Stari trg 21, Ljubljana


Nikita Kadan: The Bones Mixed Together
(as part of the Rise of Eastern Culture festival / Another Dimension)

Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, 2 Mickiewicza Str.
From 25 August 2016 to 29 September 2016


Now in Poland
22.07.2016 — 14.08.2016

Galeria Labirynt (Lublin, 5 Popiełuszki Street)
Exhibition on view till August 14th, 2016 (Tuesday – Sunday, 12 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
Admission free


Дослідницька Платформа: Провина
21 травня 2016 - 2 жовтня 2016

Research Platform: Guilt
21 May 2016 - 2 October 2016


Into the Dark

May 19, 2016 - May 29, 2016

Kunsthalle Exnergasse
WUK, Vienna

"Into the Dark" - an exhibition by the curatorial group Hudrada - is a collected documentation of performance actions carried out by artists at different times, starting in the 1980s and 1990s, mainly in Ukraine, as well as abroad. A deliberately helpless political gesture, taken to absurd lengths, and sometimes carried out completely alone, is what links these actions. And yet both responsibility for the gesture and its utterance spread beyond the action itself, and anyone who did not take part is nonetheless involuntarily drawn in to its field.
The 1980s and 1990s actions of Fedir Tetyanych, Yuri Leiderman and Masoch Fund do not bear witness to the formation of a tradition; in the context of the exhibition they assert their relevancy today, exploring the mad, the self-traumatising, the antisocial and at the same moment socially-utopian act.
The chronology of the works presented in the exhibition may be seen as capturing the principal political upheavals and events which have occurred in Ukraine over the last 30 years. The documenting of a lonely passage through a forest at night, "Night in the forest", a collective work from 2015 initiated by a Russian-Ukrainian artists' collective, completes the series.


Universal Hospitality

Alte Post
Dominikanerbastei 11

Edit András, Birgit Lurz, Ilona Németh, Wolfgang Schlag

Catherine Anyango, Anca Benera / Arnold Estefan, Songül Boyraz, Dante Buu, Nicos Charalambidis, Anetta Mona Chişa / Lucia Tkáčová, Mansour Ciss, András Cséfalvay, Anna Daučíková, Yevgeniy Fiks, Petra Gerschner, GLUKLYA / Natalya Pershina-Yakimanskaya, Núria Güell, Sanja Iveković, Gülsün Karamustafa, Szabolcs KissPál, Martin Krenn, Tomasz Kulka, Damian Le Bas, Delaine Le Bas, Lőrinc Borsos, Victor López González, Angela Melitopoulos, Marina Naprushkina, Csaba Nemes, Adrian Paci, Martin Piaček, Lisl Ponger, Tomáš Rafa, R.E.P. Group, Oliver Ressler, Mykola Ridnyi, Juri Schaden, Marika Schmiedt, Roland Sejko, Tim Sharp, Société Réaliste / Ferenc Gróf, Hito Steyerl, Toledo i Dertschei, Artur Żmijewski


4 травня о 17.00 в Національному художньому музеї України відбудеться презентація книги «Р.Е.П. Революційний експериментальний простір». Книга, що вийшла у берлінському видавництві The Green Box, підбиває підсумки роботи групи Р.Е.П. у період з 2004 по 2015 роки.


As Rights Go By – On the Erosion and Denial of Rights

Exhibition at freiraum Q21 INTERNATIONAL
Apr 15 to Jun 05, 2016

Curated by Sabine Winkler

Silvia Beck* (DE), James Bridle (GB), George Drivas (GR), Özlem Günyol*/Mustafa Kunt* (TR/DE), Adelita Husni-Bey (IT), Nikita Kadan* (UA), Kollektiv Migrafona. (Belinda Kazeem, Petja Dimitrova, Radostina Patulova, Vlatka Frketić, Vina Yun) (AT), Vladimir Miladinović* (RS), Yuri Pattison (IE), Lorenzo Pezzani and Charles Heller (Forensic Architecture) (IT, USA/CH), Julien Prévieux (FR), Andrea Ressi (AT), Judith Siegmund* (DE), Lina Theodorou* (GR), Carey Young (GB).
*Artists-in-Residence of Q21



R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space)

The parade of heroes

27 February – 27 March 2016
Gallery North
Northumbria University
Sandyford Road


Nikita Kadan is an artist in residence in Q21, Vienna



Where to observe an eclipse, Nikita Kadan - Fedir Tetyanich (Freepulia), Mikhail Bulgakov museum, Kyiv


Recent acquisitions, M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp



The Absent Image

Nikita Kadan
Anna K.E.
Sophie Jung
Imran Perretta
Gio Sumbadze

Nectar gallery, Tbilisi


Private nationalism, Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery, Budapest



Politics of form, GFZK Leipzig



29 октября в 16:00 в Национальном художественном музее Украины состоится презентация книги «Вчера, Сегодня, Сегодня» – издания, посвященного работе Никиты Кадана. В разговоре примут участие Евгения Белорусец и Екатерина Мищенко, авторы текстов, вошедших в книгу, а также ее редактор Лариса Бабий.


The School of Kyiv, Kyiv biennale, National Museum of Ukrainian History, Kyiv



Saltwater: a Theory of Thought Forms, 14th Istanbul Biennale



R.E.P. Group - 10 years. About the method

exhibition, meeting with the artists Ksenia Hnylytska and Nikita Kadan

Contemporary Art Space, Batumi
Zviad Gamsakhurdia St 1/5, Bat'Umi, Ajaria, Georgia
28 June - 19 July

Sh. Amiranashvili Museum of Fine Arts; Lado Gudiashvili str. #1. Tbilisi, Georgia
5 - 30 July


The Future of History

Kunsthaus Zürich
12 June – 6 September 2015

The most comprehensive art exhibition on Europe in Switzerland since 1991 comprises some 100 works by 50 artists from all parts of the continent, in the media of painting, photography, video and installation. The artists represented include Kader Attia, Marc Bauer, Arnold Böcklin, Herbert Brandl, Honoré Daumier, Fischli/Weiss, Dani Gal, Ferdinand Hodler, Thomas Imbach, Anna Jermolaewa, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Nikita Kadan, Bouchra Khalili, Paul Klee, Daniel Knorr, Christian Philipp Müller, Cy Twombly and Nives Widauer.



Nikita Kadan in the Ukrainian national pavilion at the 56th Venice biennale

The Ukrainian national pavilion at the 56th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia will be organized by the PinchukArtCentre with the support of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. Ukraine will present a group exhibition entitled “Hope!” featuring a young generation of Ukrainian artists, including Yevgenia Belorusets, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Mykola Ridnyi & Serhiy Zhadan, Artem Volokitin, Anna Zvyagintseva and Open Group. Björn Geldhof, Deputy Artistic Director, PinchukArtCentre, is the curator of the project.

The Ukrainian national pavilion will be located at the temporal glass construction on the Riva dei Sette Martiri, on the main walking passway from Arsenale to Giardini.



Встреча с Никитой Каданом в КазНАИ им. Жургенова

14:00 - 15:00
Казахстанская академия искусств им. Жургенова, Алматы


Никита Кадан

Журнал "Польша"

Персональная выставка в Ya gallery
08.04 - 27.04.15


Limits of Responsibility

Nikita Kadan

29 January - 4 April 2015
Private view Wednesday, 28 January 2015, 6-9pm
waterside contemporary is pleased to present Limits of Responsibility, a solo exhibition by Nikita Kadan, his first in the UK.



Lest The Two Seas Meet

Museum of modern art, Warsaw

Artists: Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Haig Aivazian, Jananne Al-Ani, Doa Aly, Franciszek Buchner, Ali Cherri, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Mona Hatoum, Saba Innab, Emily Jacir, Nikita Kadan, Rajkamal Kahlon, Amal Kenawy, Jean Christophe Lanquetin, Maha Maamoun, Basim Magdy, Jumana Manna, Lada Nakonechna, Ho Tzu Nyen, Walid Raad, Khalil Rabah, Vlada Ralko, Mykola Ridnyi, Min Jeong Seo, 
Sharif Waked, Aleksandra Waliszewska, Andrzej Wróblewski, Danwen Xing.

Curator: Tarek Abou El Fetouh



Категория: [Время]. Сессия №4 — "Замечание об архивах"

Николай Кривенко - Никита Кадан

22-й Художественный Альянс

Литературно-мемориальный музей Михаила Булгакова

22-12-2014 в 19:00



10.12 - 29.12.2014

Учасники: Бен’ямін Еґґер (CH), Єрбосин Мельдібєков (KZ), Ярослав Киса (SK/UK), Ніколай Олейніков, Дмітрій А. Пріґов, Анастасія Рябова (RU), Євгенія Бєлорусець, Олександр Гнилицький, Нікіта Кадан, Леся Хоменко, Юрій Кручак та Юлія Костерева, Мирослав Кульчицький, Юрій Лейдерман, Лада Наконечна, Влада Ралко, група Р.Е.П., Костянтин Стрілець, TanzLaboratorium, Лариса Венедіктова (UA)
Куратори: Худрада

Відкриття 10 грудня 19:00
Арт-центр Closer, Нижньоюрківська 31, Київ


Nikita Kadan became special prize winner of the 3rd edition of the Future Generation Art Prize

Carlos Motta (Colombia) and Nástio Mosquito (Angola) are Main Prize winners.
Special Prize Winners - Aslan Gaisumov (Russia), Nikita Kadan (Ukraine) and Zhanna Kadyrova (Ukraine).



an exhibition organized by Hudrada will open at 6 p.m.on October 19, 2014 at Teatr Powszechny im. Zygmunta Hübnera in Warsaw.


Nikita Kadan
Limits of Responsibility

November 15, 2014 - January 17, 2015

Campagne Première



6-30.11 2014
Kuba Bąkowski, Daya Cahen, Nemes Csaba, Nikita Kadan, Tomasz Kulka, Goschka Macuga, David Maljković, Kristina Norman, Krzysztof Pijarski, Karol Radziszewski, Tomáš Rafa, Ran Slavin, Martina Slováková, Société Réaliste, Gökce Suvari, Paweł Szypulski, Mark Ther, Slaven Tolj



RMNSC. 2014
Krakow theatrical reminiscences



Sanela Jahić, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Vladimir Logutov, Timofey Radya, Mark Požlep.
31. 7. - 24. 8. 2014

Škuc Gallery
Stari trg 21, Lubljana


Meeting points 7:"Ten thousand wiles and a hundred thousand tricks"

Organized by V-A-C Foundation and the Young Arab Theatre Fund
Curated by What, How and for Whom / WHW

8 July–22 August 2014

Institute for African Studies
30/1, Spiridonovka Street


30 июня - 2 июля

Между молотом и наковальней / Between a rock and a hard place / Між молотом і ковадлом

Первая встреча передвижной платформы коммуникации между украинскими и российскими творческими работниками.

Old School Bar - наб Адмиралтейского канала 27, Санкт-Петербург


25 June - 18 July 2014

Nikita Kadan
Everybody wants to live by the sea

solo show in Viafarini DOCVA

curated by Silvia Francheschini
via Giulio Cesare Procaccini 4, Milano



Nikita Kadan is an artist in residence in Viafarini DOCVA, Milan, 1-30 June 2014



Fear and Hope
group exhibition including: Zhanna Kadyrova, Nikita Kadan and Artem Volokytin

17 May 2014 - 5 October 2014

Pinchuk Art Centre, Kiev


The Ukrainians*

24.05.2014 - 21.06.2014


Juri Andruchowytsch, Yevgenia Belorusets, Nikita
Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Olesia Khomenko, Volodymyr
Kuznetsov, Yuri Leiderman, Lada Nakonechna,
Oleksandr Melnyk, Boris Mikhailov, Katia Mishchenko,
Vlada Ralko, Mykola Ridnyi, R.E.P. group,
Sean Snyder & Olga Bryukhovetska, Serhij Zhadan

curated by Bettina Klein



Nikita Kadan is an artist in residence in Kultur Kontakt Austria, 2014



"Procedure room" is exhibited in Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (Pinakothek collection, room 30)



R.E.P. group at global aCtIVISm

December 14, 2013–March 30, 2014

An exhibition at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art
Opening: Fri, December 13, 2013, 7 p.m.

More about the show


The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe Since 1945

30th Council of Europe Exhibition
18.10.2013 - 26.01.2014

Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow
4 Lipowa St
30-702 Krakow

Artists: Adel Abdessemed, Marina Abramović, Absalon , AES+F, Pilar Albarracin, Paweł Althamer, Mirosław Bałka, Blue Soup Group, Sergey Bratkov, Marcel Broodthaers, Gunter Brus, Jordi Colomer, Jiři David, Oskar Dawicki, Oskar Hansen, Sanja Iveković, Nikita Kadan, Yves Klein, Gyorgy Kovasznai, Oleg Kulik, KwieKulik, Lars Laumann, Victor Lind, Richard Long, Cristina Lucas, Vladimir Mitrev, Neša Paripović, Artūras Raila, Jozef Robakowski & Tadeusz Junak & Ryszard Meissner, Ulrike Rosenbach, Vladimir Seleznyov & Alexander Sitnikov, Sabina Shikhlinskaya, Janek Simon, VALIE EXPORT, Wolf Vostell, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Erwin Wurm, Nil Yalter

More about the show


Евгения Белорусец,
Николай Грох,
Никита Кадан

"Перед казнью"
графика, инсталляция

10 октября 2013 - 28 октября 2013
Презентация - 10 октября 2013, четверг, 19.00

Название выставке дала работа Николая Гроха 1985 года, созданная художником после поездки в Камбоджу (Кампучию) и повествующая о камбоджийском геноциде 1975-1979 гг. “Кампучийская” серия, в которую входит эта работа, документация поездки, а также антифашистская графика 1970-х (серия "Памяти защитников Севастополя") и собственные комментарии Гроха, объединены в инсталляцию-рассказ. Вместе с произведениями Гроха выставлены работы Никиты Кадана: серия акварелей "Контролируемые случайности" и инсталляция "Человеческие инструменты". Тексты Евгении Белорусец комментируют выставленные произведения и выступают в роли независимых авторских высказываний наравне с художественными работами.

Подробнее о выставке


Чрезвычайные и полномочные (Spaces of Exception)

Специальный проект 5-й Московской биеннале

Центр дизайна Artplay

Выставка подготовлена Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam и осуществлена при поддержке Фонда Мондриана.

11 - 26 сентября

Художники: Юрий Альберт, Иван Бражкин, Что Делать, Евгений Фикс, Никита Кадан/Александр Бурлака, Гульнара Касмалиева/Муратбек Джумалиев, Герт Ян Кокен, Ирина Корина, Йиржи Кованда, Марианто, Таус Махачева, Ренцо Мартенс, Метахавен, Эрнаут Мик, Марина Напрушкина, Николай Олейников, Анна Паркина, Дмитрий Пригов, Тима Радя, Виллем де Рой, Хаим Сокол, Йонас Стаал, Рой Виллевой, Кэри Янг, Катарина Зделар

Подробнее о выставке


Young international artists

from 10 September to 10 November 2013


Musée d’art contemporain, within the Lyon Biennial


Десятая Красноярская музейная биеннале

04 сентября 2013 – 04 ноября 2013
Красноярский музейный центр.
Площадь Мира, 1, Красноярск, Россия

Надежда Анфалова, Санкт-Петербург
Андрей Бартенев, Москва
Александр Джикия, Москва
Братья Шапиюза, Женева
Александр Гронский, Рига
Аня Жёлудь, Москва
Зимун, Берн
Никита Кадан, Киев
Роберт Кушмировский, Люблин
Лада Наконечная, Киев
Николай Наседкин, Москва
Тацу Ниши, Берлин-Токио
Рэйчел Оуэнс, Бруклин, Нью-Йорк
Тимофей Радя, Екатеринбург

и другие

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Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art
Self-government: cultural evolution vs. revolution

28.08 - 31.10.2013

with works of Nikita Kadan, R.E.P. group and October project (Larisa Babij, Soenke Hallmann, Lada Nakonechnaya, Nikita Kadan, Inga Zimprich, Anna Zvyagintseva)

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Самоуправление: культурная эволюция vs революция

28.08 - 31.10.2013

показаны работы Никиты Кадана, группы Р.Э.П. и Октябрьского проекта (Лариса Бабий, Зонке Халльманн, Лада Наконечная, Никита Кадан, Инга Цимприх, Анна Звягинцева)

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Union of Hovels
First congress

June 1, 2013

“Union of Hovels” is a long-­‐term exhibition project by the curatorial group HudRada. The project will develop as a series of exhibitions in various cities. The exhibitions-­‐”congresses” of the “Union of Hovels” will take place in unsanctioned makeshift structures in various cities and countries. The first exhibition on June 1 is on the beach on the island of Lido in Venice.

Participating artists:
Emanuel Almborg (Sweden)
Vladimir Arkhipov
Obledenenie Arkhitektorov (Russia)
Saken Narynov (Kazakhstan)
Оtо Hudec (Slovakia)
Volodymyr Vorotniov
Open Group
Kseniya Gnylytska
R.E.P. Group
Serhiy Zavra
Nikita Kadan
Volodymyr Kuznetsov
Vasyl Lozynskyy
Mykola Ridnyi and Bella Logacheva
TanzLaboratorium (Ukraine)

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“The Future Generation Art Prize@Venice 2013” Collateral Event of the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

The shortlist of theFuture Generation Art Prize 2012includes: Jonathas de Andrade, 30 (Brazil), Meris Angioletti, 34 (Italy), Marwa Arsanios, 33 (Lebanon), Micol Assael, 33 (Italy), Abigail DeVille, 30 (United States), Aurelien Froment, 35 (France), Mykyta Kadan,29 (Ukraine), Meiro Koizumi, 35 (Japan), Andre Komatsu, 33 (Brazil), Eva Kotatkova, 29 (Czech Republic), Tala Madani, 30 (Iran), Basim Magdy, 34 (Egypt), Ahmet Ogut, 30 (Turkey), Amalia Pica, 33 (Argentina), Agnieszka Polska, 27 (Poland), Emily Roysdon, 34 (United States), Rayyane Tabet, 28 (Lebanon), Yan Xing, 26 (China), Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, 34 (United Kingdom), and two groups: Joao Maria Gusmao + Pedro Paiva, 33, 34 (Portugal), and R.E.P. (Ukraine).

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Disobedience Archive (The Republic)

Curator: Marco Scotini

Castello di Rivoli Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
22.04 – 30.06.2013

Disobedience Archive (The Republic) is a work in progress reflecting on the various events as they unfolded, in which form and content vary with each venue. In this sense, the exhibition constitutes a sort of atlas of the different contemporary antagonist tactics: from direct action to counter-information, from constituent practices to forms of bio-resistance, which emerged after the end of modernism, inaugurating new methods of being, saying and doing. The archive is divided into nine sections: 1977 The Italian Exit, Protesting Capitalist Globalization, Reclaim the Streets, Bioresistence and Society of Control, Argentina Fabrica Social, Disobedience East, Disobedience University, The Arab Dissent and Gender Politics which joins the other sections for the Castello di Rivoli exhibition. The archive includes materials by 16 beaver, Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée (AAA), Mitra Azar, Gianfranco Baruchello, Petra Bauer, Pauline Boudry, Brigitta Kuster and Renate Lorenz, Bernadette Corporation, Black Audio Film Collective, Ursula Biemann, Collettivo femminista di cinema, Copenhagen Free University, Critical Art Ensemble, Dodo Brothers, Marcelo Expósito, Harun Farocki and Andrei Ujica, Rene Gabri and Ayreen Anastas, Grupo de Arte Callejero, Etcétera, Alberto Grifi, Ashley Hunt, Sara Ishaq, Kanal B, Khaled Jarrar, John Jordan and Isabelle Fremeaux, Laboratorio di Comunicazione Militante, Silvia Maglioni and Graeme Thomson, Angela Melitopoulos, Mosireen, Carlos Motta, Non Governamental Control Commission, Wael Noureddine, Margit Czencki/Park Fiction, R.E.P. Group, Oliver Ressler and Zanny Begg, Joanne Richardson, Roy Samaha, Eyal Sivan, Hito Steyerl, The Department of Space and Land Reclamation, Mariette Schiltz and Bert Theis, Ultra-red, Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas, Trampoline House (Morten Goll & Tone Olaf Nielsen), Dmitry Vilensky and Chto Delat?, James Wentzy.

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Nikita Kadan | 7.4 - 19.5.2013

wegvegen en overplakken | erasing and overposting

solo show in Transit gallery, Mechelen, Belgium

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Rethinking artistic social interventions

On 29 March, in the frame of Kristof Vrancken’s “2-inch-riot” project, FLACC and Mad-Faculty organize a symposium on the role of the artist in the process of identifying and calling into question matters pertaining to injustice, social inequities and societal structures. This discussion aims to stimulate students into a critical approach to society and the way in which art can – to some extent – change the world, or at least provoke some level of reflection.

Programme: 1:00 – 4:30 p.m.


Maryam Jafri (b. in Pakistan in 1972)

Nikita Kadan (b. 1982 in Kiev, Ukraine)

Roland Patteeuw (b.1945, Rumbeke, Belgium)


Since March 21 till July 22 Nikita Kadan is on residence in FLACC workplace for visual artists, Genk, Belgium.

As a workplace for visual artists, FLACC creates the organizational, technical and artistic conditions for the realization of unique artistic projects. To this end every year the organization selects a maximum of eight artists – from Belgium and abroad, young and experienced – to set up a new project whereby they can make unlimited use of our extensive facilities (kiln, carpentry and metal workshops and digital studio) and receive full organizational and artistic support during the preparation and realization of that project. FLACC makes an appropriate budget available for each of these projects.

FLACC also works receptively, i.e. having submitted a project proposal, other artists can work at FLACC. Furthermore, professional artists can rent the workshops and facilities.

FLACC favours projects that focus on the specific geographical, cultural, social or historical situation of Genk/Belgium/the Euregio, as well as on projects which specifically require the use of FLACC’s facilities and which make a clear contribution to the national or international arts scene.

FLACC website



Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Artists: Evgenia Belorusets / Євгенія Бєлорусець; Anatolii Byelov / Анатолій Белов; Lesia Khomenko / Леся Хоменко; Ihor Diurych / Ігор Дюрич; Predmetiv Group; Ksenia Hnylycka / Ксенія Гнилицька; Oleksandr Hnylyckyi / Олександр Гнилицький; Oleh Holosyi / Олег Голосій; Hudrada; Alevtina Kakhidze / Алевтина Кахідзе; Nikita Kadan / Нікіта Кадан; Zhanna Kadyrova / Жанна Кадирова; Oleksandr Kurmaz / Олександр Курмаз; Volodymyr Kuznetsov / Володимир Кузнєцов; Vasyl Lozynskyi / Василь Лозинський; Maksym Mamsikov / Максим Мамсіков; Viktor Marushchenko / Віктор Марущенко; Boris Mikhailov / Борис Михайлов; Roman Minin / Роман Мінін; Lada Nakonechna / Лада Наконечна; Ihor Podolchak / Ігор Подольчак; Taras Polataiko / Тарас Полатайко; R.E.P.; Mykola Ridnyi / Микола Рідний; Andriy Sahaydakovskyi / Андрій Сагайдаковський; Arsen Savadov / Арсен Савадов; SOSka Group; Visual Culture Research Center / Центр візуальної культури; Volodymyr Vorotniov / Володимир Воротньов; Anna Zvyagintseva / Анна Звягінцева.

Opening of the exhibition: March 15, 2013 at 6 p.m.
On view through: May 26, 2013
Curator: Marek Goździewski
The exhibition is accompanied by lectures program curated by Oleksander Soloviov

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Nikita Kadan

Kyjev Hotel, Bratislava Cinema

Gandy gallery, Bratislava

Opening reception : Wednesday March 13th from 18.00 to 20.00
Exhibition March 14 - May 11, 2013

The show represents several Nikita Kadan’s works from 2010-2013. The main object of artist’s attention in these pieces is the complex of realtions of post-socialist body with post-socialist city. The "Sell out" watercolor drawings represent hybrid structures, combinations of buildings with body organs. Renaissance city planners compared a city to the human body, to it’s parts having certain functions. In the dominant ideology of market capitalism this analogy becomes paradoxically up-to-date, revealing a new dispositif of corporeity. Like a body under the market’s influence that turns into a set of separate organs each having it’s price, the structure of today’s city is not shaped by the functionality of it’s parts, but by it’s commodity potential. The body of city is dissected and offered for sale.

The wall drawing “Kyjev hotel – Bratislava cinema” which gave title to the show represents Bratislava cinema hall from Obolon district of Kiev city were artist spent his childhood – and Kyjev hotel were artist stayed during his first visit to Bratislava city. Same time the drawing continues the narration from “Sell out” series turning these two buildings into living bodies, especially because Kyjev hotel and Bratislava cinema both became unlucky victims of commercialization of city space.

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THE DESIRE FOR FREEDOM. Arte in Europa dal 1945.

Palazzo Reale di Milano

14 March - 2 June 2013

The Exhibition “The Desire for Freedom” is a first attempt to look at art since 1945 in a pan-European context without the usual ideological limits which the Cold War initiated. Twelve chapters will explore the artists’ reflections about the ideals of universal human rights, freedom, equality and democracy.
The 100 exhibits come from almost all European countries from Portugal to Russia, from Scotland to Albania and Greece. Thus the exhibition also encompasses art from regions in Europe to which less attention has been paid and thus transcends the usual separation of art from East and West, North and South.

The exhibition is initiated and coordinated by the Museum of German History in Berlin. The main exhibition which will be shown in Milan in the Palazzo Reale, in Tallinn at the Kumu museum and in Cracow at the contemporary art museum. Ancillary exhibitions and conferences will be further organised in : Berlin at the Collegium Hungaricum, Prague at Dox contemporary art centre, Thessaloniki at the Macedonian Contemporary Art museum and Sarajevo National Gallery.

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Court Experiment – Hudrada collective

SIZ gallery, Rijeka

Exhibition opening 7th of February 2013. at 8pm*

The exhibition “Court Experiment” first came together in 2010 – the reason for its genesis was a series of legal proceedings launched against members of the Hudrada group on account of their work as political activists. This type of initiative, designed to put pressure on activists with the connivance of the legal system, is symptomatic of the wider phenomenon of the persecution of activists in present-day Ukraine. The stories of trials brought against Yevgenia Belorusets, Andrey Movchan, Sergiy Movchan and Alexander Wolodarsky did not come to an end with the closure of the 2010 exhibition. Alexander Wolodarsky served a prison sentence, while trials against the others carried on, and this type of persecution has become increasingly systematic.

“Court Experiment” attempts to draw public attention both to these concrete cases of legal prosecution and persecution in Ukraine. It also aims to highlight how the country’s legal system, as a government structure within a neocapitalist economy, is an instrument of violence and injustice. The exhibition also reveals the day-to-day realities against which the activists originally protested. These include the destructive expansion of capital into ordinary people’s living space, and the growth of pseudo-necessary state censorship.

The exhibition frames these events within the wider context of the political, cultural, and social circumstances of post-Soviet society. Hudrada’s exhibition in the SIZ gallery consists of authors’ works and draws conclusions concerning the court proceedings, whose subjects became the basis for the “Court Experiment”. A timeline of the court proceedings and related events accompanies the works.

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Showing its colours
What makes art

MARTa Herford

2 February – 5 May 2013, Gehry-Galleries

Opening on Friday, 1 February 2013, at 7:30 p.m.

Artists and artist groups

Sam Durant, Claire Fontaine, Thomas Hirschhorn, Korpys / Löffler, Aernout Mik, R.E.P., Wilhelm Sasnal, Peter Sauerer, Tino Sehgal, Nasan Tur, Brigitte Waldach

Twelve international artists and artist groups nail their colours to the mast on socio-political issues against a background of global networks. They do this using the primeval means of art – with poetry, striking pictures and irritating subjectivity.

Who can we or do we even want to believe nowadays? In western societies trust in political decision-makers, the media and the principles of a free market has been seriously damaged. Credibility has become a rare commodity. What can art contribute in a world of power games, profit maximisation and perfect styling? Does it offer worthwhile alternatives, does it have other, more persuasive ways of taking a stand in public?

With “showing your colours” Marta Herford examines these topical questions. A passionate belief in the special power of art is the starting point of the project. On the basis of selected artistic positions, the exhibition examines what art does (with us) and how it can formulate a sincere social commitment going beyond daily events.

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Сонце бідних.


Арт-центр Я Галерея, Дніпропетровськ
22.01 - 07.03.13

Ксенія Гнилицька / Нікіта Кадан / Жанна Кадирова / Володимир Кузнєцов / Лада Наконечна / Леся Хоменко

Виставка «Сонце бідних» включає документацію акцій та відеороботи групи Р.Е.П. 2005-2012 років, а також нові інсталяції, створені спеціально для Дніпропетровська. Значною мірою виставка інспірована ситуацією самого міста, де впадають у вічі розриви між публічним простором, що руйнується, і енергійно-амбітними приватними ініціативами, між тріщинами, що заповнюються сміттям, пустотами спільно-«нічийного» і сяючими «подарунками місту» від процвітаючих громадян - міста, де багатство оспорює у бідності саме право на видимість, перебуваючи при цьому в найближчому сусідстві.

Докладніше про виставку

Sun of the Poor.


Ya Gallery Art Center, Dnipropetrovsk
22.01 - 07.03.13

Ksenia Hnylytska/ Nikita Kadan / Zhanna Kadyrova / Volodymyr Kuznetsov / Lada Nakonechna / Lesia Khomenko

Exhibition "Sun of the Poor" includes documentation of R.E.P. group actions and video-works from 2005-2012, as well as new installations, created specifically for Dnipropetrovsk. The exhibition is largely inspired by the situation of the city itself, where the gaps between the public space that is being ruined and energetic and ambitious private initiatives, between the cracks filled with trash, voids of community-derelict and the shining "presents to the city" from its prosperous citizens are very noticeable - the city where prosperity disputes whether poverty is eligible for visibility, while being its immediate neighbor.

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Дом ХІХ века на реконструкции
ул. Павловская, 9
23-31 октября, 2012

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Nikita Kadan in "The Desire for Freedom. Art in Europe since 1945"

An exhibition of the German Historical Museum
Curator: Prof. Dr. Monika Flacke

(Berlin, Tallinn, Milan, Cracow, 2012-2013)

17 October 2012 to 10 February 2013, German Historical Museum, Exhibition Hall / Basement floor

The exhibition is an initial attempt to take a look at European art since 1945 without the usual ideological demarcation lines that came about with the Cold War. Twelve chapters will examine the different ways in which artists have dealt with the ideals of Enlightenment and the belief in universal human rights, freedom, equality and democracy. Selected works will be seen within the framework of the project as visual expressions of ideas and concepts that have the potential to change the world. The artworks come from almost all of the European countries – from Portugal to Russia, from Scotland to Albania and Greece. Thus the exhibition also taps into the art of often neglected regions of Europe and in this way overcomes the separation of art into East and West, North and South, which has been a common practice since the Cold War. National background of the artists, chronologies and artistic schools do not play a role.

The exhibition is the centrepiece of an international cooperation, coordinated by the German Historical Museum, in which ten museums, galleries, research and cultural institutes from Germany, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Greek, Schweden and Hungary are participating. Besides the exhibition, which will travel from Berlin to Warsaw, Tallinn and Milan, further individual aspects will be presented in smaller satellite exhibitions as well as in the context of workshops and conferences.

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«Спірна територія» - четверта виставка українського міждисциплінарного кураторського об’єднання Худрада.

26.09.2012 – 07.10.2012

Художній музей ім. М.П. Крошицького,

пр. Нахімова, 9

Севастополь, Україна

У виставці беруть участь: Адріан Пачі (Албанія), Анна Звягінцева, Іван Мельничук, Євгенія Бєлорусець, НікітаКадан, Юрій Соломко, Естер Кемпф (Швейцарія), Олексій Салманов, Сімона Рота (Іспанія), Леся Хоменко, Лада Наконечна, Олексій Гнеденко, Аліна Клейтман, Уляна Биченкова, Ніколай Рідний, TanzLaboratorium, ФНО (Росія), Р.E.П.

Докладніше про виставку

“Disputed Territory” is the 4th exhibition of the Ukrainian Curatorial Collective HUDRADA

26.09.2012 – 07.10.2012
Sevastopol Art Museum in Crimea, Ukraine

Exhibition participants: Adrian Paci (Albania), Anna Zvyagintseva, Ivan Melnichuk, Yevgenia Belorusets, Nikita Kadan, Yuri Solomko, Esther Kempf (Switzerland), Aleksey Salmanov, Simona Rota (Spain), Lesya Khomenko, Lada Nakonechna, Aleksey Gnedenko, Alina Kleitman, Ulyana Bychenkova, Nikolay Ridniy, TanzLaboratorium, FNO (Russia), R.E.P.

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Nikita Kadan in "Newtopia: The State of Human Rights" exhibition in Mechelen, Belgium.

01.09 - 10.12.2012

Museum Hof Van Busleyden

Newtopia: the State of Human Rights is a major international contemporary art exhibition, dedicated to the subject of human rights. The exhibition takes place in six cultural institutions and in public spaces in the historic city centre of Mechelen, from 1 September to 10 December 2012.
Tracing artistic responses to human rights issues, the exhibition charts the development of the human rights movement and its evolving discourse since the post-war era, paying particular attention to the emergence of new human rights discourses and the 'rise of human rights' since the 1970s, and looks at their current state.

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R.E.P in "It isn't important, it's only art..."

Arsenal Gallery, Białystok

From 3 August 2012 to 31 October 2012
Opening: 18:00

Curator: Monika Szewczyk
Place: Arsenal Gallery power station, 13 Elektryczna St., the entrance at Świętojańska St.

Artists: Adam Adach, Paweł Althamer, Grupa Azorro, Mirosław Bałka, Anna Baumgart, Ivan Bazak, Kuba Bąkowski, Wojciech Bąkowski, Cezary Bodzianowski, Agata Bogacka, Bogna Burska, Rafał Bujnowski, Vesna Bukovec, Attila Csörgő, Hubert Czerepok, Oskar Dawicki, Kuba Dąbrowski, Marta Deskur, Dawid Diao, Stanisław Dróżdż, Esther Ferrer, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Katarzyna Józefowicz, Marek Kijewski/Kocur, Anna Konik, Jarosław Kozakiewicz, Katarzyna Kozyra, Maciej Kurak, Robert Kuśmirowski, Konrad Kuzyszyn, Kobas Laksa, Dominik Lejman, Norman Leto, Zbigniew Libera, Wojciech Łazarczyk, Marcin Maciejowski, Robert Maciejuk, Alastair MacLennan, Jacek Malinowski, Agata Michowska, Jarosław Modzelewski, Anna Molska, Marzanna Morozewicz, Claudio Moser, Olivier Mosset, Tomasz Mróz, Małgorzata Niedzielko, Dorota Nieznalska, Boris Nieslony, Odili Donald Odita, Zbigniew Oksiuta, Paul Panhuysen, Alexandre Perigot, Steven Parrino, Dorota Podlaska, Karol Radziszewski, Joanna Rajkowska, Józef Robakowski, Zbigniew Rogalski, Daniel Rumiancew, Wilhelm Sasnal, Jadwiga Sawicka, Grupa Sędzia Główny, Jan Simon, Mikołaj Smoczyński, Monika Sosnowska, Magdalena Starska, Twożywo, Marek Sobczyk, Paweł Susid, Radosław Szlaga, R.E.P., Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Izabela Tarasewicz, Leon Tarasewicz, Agnieszka Tarasiuk, Slaven Tolj, Marek Wasilewski, Zbigniew Warpechowski, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Julita Wójcik, Piotr Wyrzykowski, Martin Zet, Artur Żmijewski

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Nikita Kadan

Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

Bank Pekao

in the framework of the project TRANSFER: Polish-Ukrainian Exchange 2012
in cooperation with the Pinchuk Art Centre in Kiev

Opening of the exhibition: July 16, 2012, 7 pm
On view through: July 29, 2012
Curator: Marianna Dobkowska

5.30 pm, KINO.LAB – Lecture of Anna Łazar: Who plays contemporary art in Ukraine.
Selected changes in infrastructure and artistic practices in the last two decades.

7.30 pm – dj set – Glissando presents

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Выступление Никиты Кадана в рамках проекта "Педагогическая поэма"

28 июня 2012 в Историко-мемориальном музее «Пресня» по адресу: г. Москва. Большой Предтеченский пер., д.4.

Подробнее о проекте


PinchukArtCentre announced the shortlist of the Future Generation Art Prize 2012
June 25th, 2012

The shortlist of theFuture Generation Art Prize 2012 includes:
Jonathas de Andrade, 30 (Brazil), Marwa Arsanios, 33 (Lebanon), Micol Assael, 33 (Italy), Abigail DeVille, 30 (United States), Aurelien Froment, 35 (France), Mykyta Kadan,29 (Ukraine), Meiro Koizumi, 35 (Japan), Andre Komatsu, 33 (Brazil), Eva Kotatkova, 29 (Czech Republic), Tala Madani, 30 (Iran), Basim Magdy, 34 (Egypt), Angioletti Meris, 34 (Italy), Ahmet Ogut, 30 (Turkey), Amalia Pica, 33 (Argentina), Agnieszka Polska, 27 (Poland), Emily Roysdon, 34 (United States), Rayyane Tabet, 28 (Lebanon), Xing Yan, 26 (China), Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, 34 (United Kingdom), and two groups: Joao Maria Gusmao + Pedro Paiva, 33, 34 (Portugal), and R.E.P. (Ukraine) - Ksenia Gnylitska (28), Mykyta Kadan (29), Zhanna Kadyrova (30),
Olesia Khomenko (31), Volodymyr Kuznetsov (35), and Lada Nakonechna (31).

Future Generation Art Prize 2012



Participating artists: Ignasi Aballi (Spain), Aram Bartholl (Germany), Adam Bateman (USA), Beehive Design Collective (USA), Aleksandra Domanovic (Slovenia), Omer Fast (Israel), Jakup Ferri (Kosovo), Janos Fodor (Hungary), Carey Ann Francis (USA), Rainer Ganahl (Austria), Andy Graydon (USA), Pablo Helguera (Mexico), Bob Moss (USA), Lucia Nimcova (Slovakia), Lisa Oppenheim (USA), R.E.P. Group (Ukraine), Ignacio Uriarte (Spain).

Curated by Aaron Moulton

June 5-Sept. 15, 2012 at UMOCA (Utah Museum of Contemporary Art)

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Роботи Нікіти Кадана та групи Р.Е.П. у основному проекті Першої Київської бієнале Arsenale 2012 "НАЙКРАЩІ ЧАСИ, НАЙГІРШІ ЧАСИ – ВІДРОДЖЕННЯ ТА АПОКАЛІПСИС У СУЧАСНОМУ МИСТЕЦТВІ"

Мистецький Арсенал, Київ, 24 травня - 31 липня 2012 року

Докладніше про виставку, список учасників

Works of Nikita Kadan and R.E.P. group in "THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES – REBIRTH AND APOCALYPSE IN CONTEMPORARY ART", main project of First Kyiv biennale of contemporary art ARSENALE 2012

Art Arsenal (Mystetskyi Arsenal), Kyiv, May 24 - July 31, 2012

More about the show, list of participants


Nikita Kadan's public talk for Time bank project in Stella Art Foundation, Moscow.

New Didactic Museum and the End of the Epoch of Critical Parasitism

Institutional support for critical art is being transformed from a confirmation of its social usefulness into a mark of sin. Relationships between artists and institutions are taking on a parasitic character – with all the attendant doubts experienced by those who are drawn into this process: "Can I bite the hand that feeds me?", "Grab the money and run"... Perhaps it is time to rethink the basis for the work of artistic institutions and the nature of their roots in the life of society?

May 17, 2012,

More about the project

Full schedule of Time bank in Moscow


«Криві дзеркала»
16 - 29 травня 2012

Художники: Леся Хоменко, Нікіта Кадан, Лада Наконечна, Володимир Кузнецов, Жанна Кадирова, Анатолій Твердой, Олексій Сай, Володимир Сай, Даніїл Галкін

Куратор: Вікторія Бурлака
Ідея: Таїсія Савчук

Виставка входить до паралельної програми Першої Київської бієнале Arsenale 2012

Докладніше про виставку


WHO TOLD YOU SO?! #1 Truth vs. Government

Onomatopee projectspace

with: Aleksandra Domanovic (SI / DE), Foundland (NL), Gokce Suvari (TR), Group R.E.P. (revolutionary experimental space) (UA), Lieven De Boeck (BE), Mauro Vallejo (ES), Monika Löve (EE / UK), Slavs and Tatars (INT)


project specific texts by Dr. Jonathan Short and Matteo Lucchetti


project specific poem by Joost Baars

Curator/editor: Freek Lomme

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Персональная выставка Никиты Кадана "Речь молчаливых"

Галерея-лаборатория SOSка

В рамках дней квартирных выставок в Харькове "Нулевой бюджет 2012"

открытие 12 апреля в 18.00

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Група Р.Е.П. на виставці Міф "Українське Бароко"

27.04.2012 – 26.08.2012

Куратор: Галина Скляренко, Оксана Баршинова

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представляє виставковий проект
«Картина затуляє краєвид»

Учасники проекту: Олег Грищенко, Анна Звягінцева, Добриня Іванов, Нікіта Кадан, Лада Наконечна, Леся Хоменко


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Atlas Critique
Une carte blanche au peuple qui manque

Exposition / 17 mars > 27 mai 2012

Parc Saint Léger

Vernissage vendredi 16 mars à 18h30

Avec les œuvres de :
Francis Alÿs, Erick Beltrán, Berger & Berger, Border Art Workshop, Mark Boulos, Lewis Carroll / Henry Holiday, Chto delat ?, Fernand Deligny, Michael Druks, Claire Fontaine, Internacional Errorista, Pedro Lasch, Vincent Meessen, Nástio Mosquito, Estefanía Peñafiel Loaiza, Lia Perjovschi, Radek Community+Dmitri Gutov, Philippe Rekacewicz, R.E.P. Group, Allan Sekula & Noël Burch, Société Réaliste, Stalker, Endre Tót, David Wojnarowicz / James Wentzy / AIDS Community Television.
Avec des conférences de : Giovanna Zapperi et Razmig Keucheyan
Commissariat : Aliocha Imhoff et Kantuta Quirós / le peuple qui manque
Projection du film Qu’ils reposent en révolte (Des figures de guerres) de Sylvain George

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The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York

January 27 – March 10, 2012

Curator: Olga Kopenkina

Artists: Project Antibrainwash, Nikita Kadan, Alexander Komarov, Denis Limonov (and group Lime Blossom), Marina Naprushkina, Ales Pushkin, Sergey Shabohin, Yauheni Shadko, Lena Soulkovskaia, Oleg Yushko and group “Fau.”

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"Українське тіло"

7 лютого у Центрі Візуальної Культури НаУКМА відкриється колективна виставка "Українське тіло", яка триватиме до 28 лютого.

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Зустріч з Нікітою Каданом в галереї "Институтська".
Субота 28 січня, 16.00

Тема зустрічі: Повернення історичної свідомості у мистецтво.


Арт-центр "Я Галерея" запрошує вас на презентацію проекту Нікіти Кадана і Анатолія Бєлова "Різаний папір", яка відбудеться в арт-центрі "Я галерея" в новорічну ніч (триватиме з 10 вечора до 4-ї ранку).



Персональна виставка Нікіти Кадана "Постаті на білому" у Карась галереї

12 грудня - 25 грудня 2011

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Микита Кадан отримав Головну Премію PinchukArtCentre 2011
Жанна Кадирова та Сергій Радкевич отримали дві Спеціальні премії PinchukArtCentre 2011, Микита Шаленний – Приз громадськості.

Mykyta Kadan becomes the winner of the Main Prize of the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2011
Zhanna Kadyrova and Serhiy Radkevych are awarded Special Prizes PinchukArtCentre 2011, and Public Choice Prize goes to Mykyta Shalennyi.


"Трудова виставка" з 17 листопада до 2 грудня 2011 у Центрі візуальної культури НаУКМА

У виставці беруть участь: Євгенія Бєлорусець, Анна Звягінцева, Нікіта Кадан, Юлія Костерєва, Юрій Кручак, Володимир Кузнецов, Микола Маценко, Лада Наконечна, Р.Е.П., Олексій Сай, Олексій Салманов, TanzLaboratorium, Леся Хоменко (Україна), Олександра Галкіна, Володимир Логутов, Микола Олєйніков, Сергій Сапожніков, Давід Тер-Оганьян (Росія), Штефан Бургер (Швейцарія), Люция Німцова (Словаччина), Младен Стілінович (Хорватія)

Куратори виставки: Худрада

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LABOUR SHOW will run from the 17th of November to the 2nd of December 2011 in Visual Culture Research Centre, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Artists: Yevgenia Belorusets, Nikita Kadan, Lesia Khomenko Yulia Kostereva, Yuriy Kruchak, Vladimir Kusnetsov, Vladimir Logutov, Nikolai Matsenko, Lada Nakonechna, R.E.P., Oleksiy Salmanov, Oleksiy Say, Anna Zvyagintseva, TanzLaboratorium (Ukraine), Stephan Burger (Switzerland), Lucia Nimsova (Slovakia), Aleksandra Galkina, Nikolai Oleynikov, Sergey Sapozhnikov, David Ter-Oganyan (Russia), Mladen Stilinovic (Croatia).

Curated by Hudrada

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Виставка 20-ти номінантів Премії PinchukArtCentre 2011

29 жовтня 2011 - 8 січня 2012

Exhibition of the 20 shortlisted artists for the PinchukArtCentre Prize 2011
29 October 2011 - 8 January 2012

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Новояз (Новомов)

27 жовтня - 13 листопада 2011 р.
Мала Галерея Мистецького Арсеналу

Микола Рідний, Уляна Биченкова, Гомер, Лада Наконечна, Нікіта Кадан,Тарас Камєнной, Володимир Кузнєцов, Сергій Попов, Олексій Салманов

Назва цієї виставки — термін, запозичений із легендарного роману Джорджа Орвелла. В антиутопії «1984» так називається лексикон тоталітаризму і фашизму, понівечений партійно-бюрократичними оборотами, в якому слова втрачають свій початковий зміст і означають щось протилежне. Ознаки "новоязу" нескладно відшукати в сучасному капіталістичному суспільстві, яке прийшло на зміну тоталітарному минулому пострадянських територій. Мова політичної пропаганди, глобально нав'язуваної через мас-медіа, покликана замаскувати або приховати реальний стан справ. Поняття замінюються прямо протилежними: масові повстання і бунти замовчуються або подаються як сепаратизм, а сплановані вбивства маскуються божевіллям одинаків. Атракційна видовищність сучасної культури та сфери розваг закликає забути про соціальні проблеми, тим самим обслуговуючи сучасну політику.



With: Larissa Babij, Sönke Hallmann,
Lada Nakonechna, Nikita Kadan,
Inga Zimprich, Anna Zvyagintseva

October 16th 2011
at Flutgraben e.V.

6 pm
Viktor Misiano

8 pm
October Project

Flutgraben e.V.
Am Flutgraben 3
12435 Berlin
+49 30 53219658

October Project attempts to relate
to and re-narrate moments from the
recent history of contemporary art
in Ukraine. Within a minimal staged
setting we discuss a few situations
and scenes from this history in a
public performance structured by
means of narration and commentary.
Though these situations – from major
events to personal anecdotes – are
first and foremost singular occurrences,
they contain in a condensed form
questions and conflicts that may be
paradigmatic for the processes of
contemporary art.
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Специальный проект 4 Московской биеннале

Выставочный зал МГХПА им. С.Г. Строганова
1 октября 2011 — 22 октября 2011

Кураторы: Егор Кошелев, Алексей Соколов

Координатор проекта: Кирилл Гаврилин

Художники:Александр Бирюлин, Иван Горшков, Павел Гришин, Никита Кадан,Егор Кошелев,
Влад Кульков, Диана Мачулина, Алексей Соколов, Илья Романов,Тимофей Караффа-Корбут, Александр Повзнер, Иван Плющ, Ростан Тавасиев, Валентин Ткач

Одна из наиболее часто обсуждаемых тем в российском художественном сообществе сегодня – непростые отношения между академическим образованием и живым художественным процессом. Среди тех мнений, что высказываются по этому поводу – и радикальное отрицание необходимости сохранения косных академических догм и ультраконсервативная апологетика традиции, освященной вековым опытом, и неустанные попытки вывести локальную модель «третьего пути». Очевидно, однако, что мучительные сомнения в оправданности практикуемых стратегий образования в сфере искусства вот уже по крайней мере два десятилетия не получают конструктивного разрешения. Тем не менее, отмеченные всеми конфликтами и противоречиями академической реальности, в жизнь выходят все новые авторы – увы, их не так много – нужно иметь определенное мужество, чтобы не спасовать перед материальными трудностями и не свернуть в более прибыльные области дизайна и коммерческого искусства – но и этих немногих достаточно для наглядной демонстрации полемического столкновения «школы» и свободного творчества – тем более драматичного, что носитель школы в данном случае оказывается ее ниспровергателем. Именно таких авторов объединяет проект «CONTRA MATER». Всех их отличает сложный характер восприятия «наследия», травматические следы традиционных образовательных методов, любовь-ненависть к академическим «основам», некоторый надлом, личная уязвленность системой.

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A complicated relation, part 2

17.09 - 20.11.2011


Kalmar, Sweden

Artists: People's Atlas of Public Space in Chisinau (MD), The Bombily Group (RU), Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje (SI), Lado Darakhvelidze (GE), Tatiana Fiodorova (MD), Andrus Joonas (EE), Nikita Kadan (UA), Kiss my Ba (RU), Victoria Lomasko & Anton Nikolaev (RU), Svätopluk Mikyta (SK), Tanja Muravskaja (EE), Ghenadie Popescu (MD), Alexander Raevsky (MD), R.E.P. (UA), Mykola Ridnyi (UA), Stefan Rusu (MD), Zurab Rtveliashvili (GE), San Donato group (RU), Sergey Shabohin (BY), SOSka (UA), Bo Söderlund (AX), Giorgi Tabatadze (GE), The Office for Anti-propaganda (BY/DE), Alexander Verevkin (RU), Voina (RU) & Minna Öberg (AX)

Curator: Martin Schibli

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Making and art

stadtgalerie schwaz

10.09- 26.10.11


Samstag, 10.September, 18 Uhr

Mit Beiträgen von

Anna Artaker, Julien Bismuth, Christoph Bruckner, Gelatin, Manfred Grübl, Julia Haller, Judith Hopf, Martin Kippenberger, Michael Krebber, Katrin Mayer, Christoph Meier, Oswald Oberhuber, Josephine Pryde, R.E.P. group, Klaus Scherübel, Kathrin Sonntag, Misha Stroj


19 Uhr, R.E.P. group


Public Folklore

24.09. 2011 – 07.12. 2011

Opening: September 24 at 5 pm

with Eva Arnqvist (S), No Corruption (founded by Roza El-Hassan, HU), Annika Eriksson (S), Andreas Fogarasi (A), Folk Archive, detail (by Jeremy Deller & Alan Kane, GB), Jens Haaning (DK), Martin Krenn (A), Eva Linder (S), Mari Laanemets & Killu Sukmit (EST), Eva Labotkin (EST), Christian Philipp Müller (CH), Ilona Németh (SK), Audrius Novickas (LT), Joanna Rajkowska (PL), R.E.P. / Kseniya Gnylytska, Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechna, Olesia Khomenko (UA), Erzen Shkololli (KOS), Sean Snyder (USA), Helene Sommer (N), Jaro Varga (SK)

Grazer Kunstverein
Palais Trauttmansdorff
Burggasse 4

8010 Graz, Austria

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24 сентября — 22 октября 2011 г. в Москве в пространстве Art House Squat Forum пройдет выставка «Ненадежная жизнь».

Специальный проект 4 Московской биеннале

Участники: Николай Олейников (Россия), Группа Учебного Фильма (Россия), KPd (Маленькая постфордистская драма) (Германия), Molleindustria (Италия), Р.Э.П. (Украина), Баби Бадалов (Франция).
Куратор: Мария Чехонадских.

СБ-ВС с 14:00 до 22:00
ПН-ПТ в 18:00 и в 20:00 эксурсии по Arthouse Squat Forum

Неуверенность в завтрашнем дне, тревожность, нестабильность социального и экономического положения стали экзистенциальной основой современного общества. На наших глазах уничтожаются институты постоянного жилья, пенсии и социальной защиты, а им на смену приходит мир арендованных квартир, срочных договоров и нестандартной занятости, работы по 14 часов в день без перерыва и выходных. Сегодня жизни миллионов людей зависят от колебаний биржевых катировок и решений международных саммитов. «Ненадежная жизнь» не имеет будущего и старости, она спешит быть расстраченной в длящемся день за днем настоящем. И в этом смысле постсоветское общество находится в авангарде ее воспроизводства.

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Eyes Looking For a Head to Inhabit

30 th September – 11 th December 2011
Openning: September 30th
State Archive in Lodz, Wolności 1 Sq.
ms², Ogrodowa 19
ms1, Więckowskiego 36

Artist participating in the exhibition: Nevin Aladağ, Victor Alimpiev, Francisco Infante-Arana, Merce Cunningham / John Cage, Valdis Celms, Anetta Mona Chişa / Lucia Tkáčová, Velimir Khlebnikov / Aleksei Kruchonykh/ Kasimir Malevitsch / Mikhail Matyushin, Le Corbusier / Edgar Varese / Iannis Xenakis, Andrzej Czarnacki, Josef Dabernig, Valie Export, Wojciech Fangor, Stano Filko, Vadim Fiškin, Leszek Golec / Tatiana Czekalska, Barbara Hammer, Haus-Rucker-Co, Rebecca Horn, Nikita Kadan, Frederick Kiesler, Katarzyna Kobro, Julius Koller, Paweł Kowzan, Yuri Leiderman, El Lissitzky, Artur Malewski, Daniel Malone, Gordon Matta-Clark, Gustav Metzger, László Moholy-Nagy, Carsten Nicolai, Roman Ondak, Ruth Oppenheim, Anna Orlikowska, Gabriel Orozco, Walter Pichler, Agnieszka Piksa, Klaus Pinter, Adrian Piper, Jerzy Rosołowicz, Jadwiga Sawicka, Łukasz Skąpski, Władysław Strzemiński, Marijke van Warmerdam, Monika Zawadzki.

Curators: Aleksandra Jach, Katarzyna Słoboda, Joanna Sokołowska, Magdalena Ziółkowska
Exhibition layout: Krzysztof Skoczylas

The project Eyes Looking For a Head to Inhabit is related to a historical event: the inauguration of the International Collection of Modern Art of the “a.r.” group at the Municipal Museum of History and Art in Łódź on the 15th February 1931. The basis of this, then locally underestimated initiative, were the ideas of international avant-garde developed by Władysław Strzemiński and Katarzyna Kobro and their fight for social recognition of new art. As a result, 80 years ago a new institution was established – the present-day Muzeum Sztuki in Łodź, the first museum of modern art in Europe that still exists.

The title Eyes Looking For a Head to Inhabit is a metaphor referring to taking over physical and mental spaces by the avant-garde. It speaks of outlining new directions of thinking, about attempts of rooting them in society. It evokes the disagreement with the status quo and the sense of mission to create „new art”. Celebrating the eightieth anniversary of the collection’s inauguration we attempt to enter a dialogue with the selected avant-garde traditions by means of contemporary art.

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“Art Training” in frame of European cultural congress in Wroclaw

“Art Training” is an invitation to participate in an artist-created urban game, the instructions for which will pop up all over Wrocław during the European Culture Congress in the form of posters and postcards.

The instructions have been prepared by a group of four Polish and Ukrainian artists (Nikita Kadan, Zhanna Kadyrova, Katarzyna Krakowiak, and Janek Simon). The creators want to provoke the city’s inhabitants and visitors to engage in critical thinking about the way that city spaces function.

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Квартирная выставка "Шесть и три" художников групп Р.Э.П. и SOSка
Submitted by rep on Tue, 09/06/2011 - 15:00.
Квартирная выставка "Шесть и три" художников групп Р.Э.П. и SOSкаОткрытие состоится 8го сентября 2011.

Расписание мероприятия:
18.00 - вернисаж в квартирной галерее Brown Stripe. Будут представлены работы участников группы SOSка.
19.30 - отбытие из Brown Stripe в Черёмушки с вводной экскурсией по прибытию на район.
20.00 - начало вернисажа в квартирной галерее Черёмушки. Будут представлены работы участников группы Р.Э.П.
22.30 - финисаж.

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Группа Р.Э.П. на выставке "Невозможное сообщество"

6 сентября — 6 ноября, 2011

Государственный музей современного искусства Российской Академии художеств, Гоголевский бульвар, 10

Проект "Невозможное сообщество" является результатом многоплановой исследовательской работы, проведенной Московским музеем современного искусства в сотрудничестве с известным российским куратором Виктором Мизиано. Это масштабный международный проект, связанный с одной из ведущих линий в интернациональном искусстве последних десятилетий — «искусством взаимодействия» (relational art). Это направление, во многом опирающееся на традиции исторического авангарда и опыт европейского искусства 1960-х — 1970-х годов, по-прежнему является актуальным и авторитетным на международной арт-сцене.

Участники выставки "Невозможное сообщество" — ведущие представители "relational art". Большинство художников никогда ранее не выставлялись в России. В связи с этим, знакомство широкой аудитории с магистральной линией развития искусства воспринимается музеем как крайне важная и приоритетная задача выставки.

Научно-исследовательская составляющая выставки "Невозможное сообщество" будет отражена в 3х-томном издании, сопровождающем проект. Информационные и исследовательские материалы будут представлены в издании на русском и английском языках.

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Роботи Нікіти Кадана та групи Р.Е.П. на виставці "Незалежні"

22 серпня о 18.00 у Національному культурно-мистецькому та музейному комплексі «Мистецький Арсенал» буде презентовано проект «Незалежні».

«НЕЗАЛЕЖНІ» - це перша в Україні спроба масштабно окреслити феномен українського сучасного мистецтва, яке народилося разом із новою країною.
Експозиція буде ґрунтуватися на певних блоках, кожен із яких характеризуватиме наскрізні явища українського сучасного мистецтва, що з’явилися в процесі пошуку українськими художниками нової візуальної мови, проблематики та ідентичності протягом двох десятиліть:

Проект «НЕЗАЛЕЖНІ» увійшов до спеціальної програми Четвертої Московської бієнале сучасного мистецтва

Докладніше про виставку


Выставка “С_ИЗО” в поддержку художника и активиста Дениса Солопова

22 июня 2011г. в 18:00 часов в Музее и общественном центре им. Андрея Сахарова состоится открытие художественной выставки “С_ИЗО”, организованной в поддержку художника, социального активиста и антифашиста Дениса Солопова, преследуемого подмосковной полицией, признанного мандатным беженцем УВКБ ООН и в данный момент находящегося под экстрадиционным арестом в СИЗО №13 города Киева. На выставке будут представлены работы художников и активистов Украины и России в поддержку Дениса Солопова: Давида Чичкана, Никиты Кадана, Николая Олейникова, Алевтины Кахидзе, Евгении Белорусец, Анны Звягинцевой и других, – а также и работа самого Дениса, участника Четвертой Московской биеннале современного искусства.

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R.E.P. group in "Bulgarian pavillion" project presented on ATLANTIS11 exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2011.
The exhibition will be open from June 1st to 6th, from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. in the Palazzo Zenobio at Collegio Armeno Moorat Raphael. The opening will be on June 1st at 7 p.m. Moreover, two panel discussions will take place on June 2nd and 3rd at 7 p.m.

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20.05 - 22.06.11
Abstract Vision Test. Curated by Natalia Filonenko

Alexander Babak / Maris Gonchar / Alexander Gnylyzkiy / Ksenia Gnylyzka / Mykyta Kadan / Zhanna Kadyrova / MAksim Myrnov / Maksym Mamsikov / Mykola Ridnyj / Valeria Trybina / Illya Chichkan

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20.05 - 22.06.11
Abstract Vision Test. Куратор - Наталія Філоненко

Олександр Бабак / Марія Гончар / Олександр Гнилицький / Ксенія Гнилицька / Микита Кадан / Жанна Кадирова / Максим Мірнов / Максим Мамсіков / Микола Рідний / Валерія Трубіна / Ілля Чічкан

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Я галерея, Дніпропетровськ, вул. Гусенка, 17,
тел. /056/ 713 5 713, dp@yagallery.com.ua
працює щоденно з 10.00 до 20.00

May 12-15 Visual culture research centre and Hudrada curatorial group present “Court experiment” project in non-commercial programm of VIENNAFAIR 2011 with works of Yevgenia Belorusets, Anatoliy Belov, Aleksandr Volodarsky, Anna Zvyagintseva, Nikita Kadan.

Центр Візуальної Культури при НаУКМА та кураторське об’єднання Худрада представляють виставку «Судовий експеримент» на міжнародній виставці сучасного мистецтва VIENNAFAIR, яка відбудеться у Відні з 12 по 15 травня у виставковому комплексі Мессе Вінн. На VIENNAFAIR «Судовий експеримент» представлятимуть роботи Нікіти Кадана, Олександра Володарського, Євгенії Бєлорусець, Анни Звягінцевої та Анатолія Бєлова.